• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California


At Lilly, we take smart risks on bold science to discover treatments and cures, all for one reason – patients. As a community of scientists, we recognize our responsibility as partners to help advance innovative medicines within our organization and beyond it. We understand that every partnership is unique – with distinctive aspects such as the stage, modality, therapeutic area, and culture. We have the necessary skills, capabilities, and know-how to bring a complete range of models to life and meet your specific needs. We approach every partnership with confidence, thoughtfulness, and enthusiasm. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of patients around the world.


A Brown

Adrienne Brown

Group VP - Head of Corporate Business Development

“Collaborations and partnerships are part of our DNA. Innovation can happen anywhere, thus its only through partnerships we can bring forward the very best ideas to develop life-changing medicines for people around the world. Through our Corporate Business Development team, we offer strategic collaborations and partnerships. Our interests are primarily within our core therapeutic areas: Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Diseases, Immunology, Neuroscience, and Oncology. We are also interested in platform technologies, such as Genetic Medicines.”


N Nanda

Nisha Nanda

Group VP - Business Development, Head of Lilly Catalyze360

“At Lilly, we understand that strong partnerships are key to create breakthroughs in medicine. This is why we created Lilly Catalyze360; to support biotech innovators throughout their journey. Lilly Catalyze360 offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including access to funding through Lilly Ventures, cutting-edge lab space, technology and mentorship at Lilly Gateway Labs, and the unmatched expertise of our R&D team via Lilly ExploR&D. Together, we can turn promising ideas into life-changing medicines for patients around the world.”


Corporate Business Development

Travis Coy
VP - Global Head of Transactions

Lawanda S Rutledge-Gordon
VP - Global Head of Alliance and Innovation Management


Brad Robling 
VP - Global Head of Lilly Venture Investing

Tom Marron
VP - Global Head of Lilly Venture Science

Julie A Gilmore
VP - Global Head of Lilly Gateway Labs

Tom G Hopkins
VP - Global Head of Lilly ExploR&D

Katie Hewitt
VP - Global Head of Business Development Lilly ExploR&D

Search & Evaluation

Benjamin Yaden
VP - Global Head Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiometabolic Diseases Search & Evaluation

David Stanley Shrom
VP - Global Head Immunology Search & Evaluation

Jenny Laird
VP - Global Head Neuroscience (Neurology and Pain) Search & Evaluation

Hallee Forster
VP - Global Head Neuroscience (Psychiatry) Search & Evaluation

Tyler Robinson
VP - Global Head Oncology Search & Evaluation

Christalyn Rhodes
VP - Global Head Genetic Medicine Search & Evaluation

Andrew Korytko
VP - Molecule Innovation (Biologics) Search & Evaluation

Guoxin Zhu
VP - Molecule Innovation (Discovery Chemistry Research and Technologies) Search & Evaluation

Jim Koers
Executive Director - CMC for Business Development