• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California



At Amgen, we believe that great innovation can come from anywhere. That’s why we look for strong external partners to complement our internal activities, all to better serve patients. Our Business Development team combines deep scientific expertise along with strong deal and financial acumen to structure bespoke collaborations that meet the needs of Amgen and our partners. We are seeking opportunities across our four therapeutic pillars - inflammation, general medicine, oncology and rare disease regardless of deal size or structure. We are phase agnostic and open to opportunities across the full drug development spectrum, from early research to marketed programs.  Only together can we fight the world’s toughest diseases. 


Rachna Khosla

Rachna Khosla

Senior Vice President, Business Development 

“We are strongly committed to sourcing the best innovation to transform patients’ lives – whether it’s internally or externally sourced. Sponsoring and attending BIO allows our Business Development team to start important conversations and build relationships toward that goal. Contact us to talk about how we can harness the power of partnership to change lives together.” 


External R&D

Jessica Droge
Vice President, Business Development, Obesity

Betsy O'Neill
Vice President, Business Development, Rare Disease

Erin Denny
Executive Director, Business Development, Oncology & Inflammation

Alex Turner
Executive Director, Business Development, Rare Disease

Agustin Bellosi
Director, Business Development, Rare Disease

Suraj Pradhan
Director, Business Development, Rare Disease

Poonim Daya
Senior Manager, Business Development, General Medicine

Hugh Bender
Manager, Business Development, Oncology

Lisa Rutledge
Manager, Business Development, Academic Collaborations


Omari Wise
Vice President, Business Development

Olaf Koenig
Executive Director, Intl Business Development

Paul Han
Senior Director, Business Development

Akili Wallace
Director, Business Development

Nikita Jaipuria
Senior Manager, Business Development, Outlicenses

JJ Luo
Senior Manager, Business Development, Clinical Collaborations

Steven Saheb
Senior Manager, Business Development