• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California

Bristol Myers Squibb


As a leading biopharma company, partnering is a key priority for us and plays a critical role in our strategy. We seek to combine external innovative science and technologies with our internal capabilities and expertise to transform patients’ lives through science. We are active across the entire business development spectrum and all our collaborations are essential to evolving our portfolio and driving our long-term sustainability.


Julie R

"We are open to a wide range of opportunities with prospective partners that will drive us towards groundbreaking healthcare solutions and help transform patients' lives through science." 

Julie Rozenblyum
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Business Development Search & Evaluation

Benjamin Cohn
Associate Director, BD S&E

Harold Hatch
Associate Director, BD S&E

Yangzi He
Associate Director, BD S&E

Gaurav Shah
Director, BD S&E

Joseph Simeone
Executive Director, BD S&E

Kilang Yanger
Associate Director, BD S&E

Siying Zou
Associate Director, BD S&E

Business Development & Licensing Transactions

Michelle Li
Vice President, BD&L Transactions

Karen Martell
Senior Director, BD&L Transactions

Michael McInerney
Executive Director, BD&L Transactions

John Vandegrift
Director, BD&L Transactions

Global Alliances

Nisha Zaidi
Vice President, Global Alliances

Commercial Team

Victoria Ulrich
Vice President, WW Cardiovascular, Early Assets, Business Development & Strategy

Global Drug Development Team

Feng Bian
Executive Director, Integrative Sciences

Zarqa Mohammad
Sr. Dir, Clinical Evaluation & Collaborations, Immunology Development

Research Team

Roland Grenningloh
Executive Director, Integrative Sciences – Immunology