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Ying-Ying Li

Ying-Ying Li, PhD

VP, Medical Translation & Pharmacology
YIRUI Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. Li currently is the VP of pharmacology and translational medicine at YIRUI Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. She joined YIRUI in November 2022, and has achieved IND approval for 1 pipeline, development of 2 pipelines, and supported the clinical team for phase I trial accomplishment. She graduated from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and has more than 18 years of biological and translational medical research experience in the field of oncology and immunology. She has worked as a R&D lead in both industry and academia including Beckman Coulter Diagnostics, GenScript, Miami VA Medical Center/University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, and Zenshine Pharmaceuticals. She has been devoted to drug development, resulting in approval of 10 IND applications and 1 pipeline to NDA submission. Additionally, she was a member of the AACR Meetings, a voter/reviewer of Biosafety and IACUC review board at the Miami VA Medical Center, and an editor of the journals including CPQ Cancer and Frontiers in Pharmacology. She has published 29 articles and serves as an ad-hoc reviewer for more than 15 journals. She received funding from NIH, Merck & Co, Polaris and other institutions.


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