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Vladimir Popov

Vladimir Popov, PhD, MBA

Chief Innovation Officer
Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research
As Chief Innovation Officer, Popov manages and coordinates Center for Innovation and Strategic Partnerships (CISP). The CISP facilitates the development of future strategic partnership and collaborations by fostering purpose-driven innovation and targeted outreach to the cancer research community. Through science and technology, business building, and IP & licensing programs, the CISP provides a comprehensive and centralized structure equipped to support internal innovation, provide education, identify, and execute partnerships, and increase efficiency in providing internal and external support. His team develops and maintains relationships between the Frederick National Laboratory, the National Cancer Institute, client organizations, and local business communities in Maryland. CISP identifies strategic partnership opportunities capable of addressing important scientific questions and unmet medical needs, handles the evaluation and organization of the national laboratory’s IP portfolio, and actively engages in marketing and licensing efforts. Prior to this role, Vladimir served as a director of the Partnership Development Office, overseeing partnership development and implementation processes, and client relationships. Before joining the Frederick National Laboratory, Popov worked as a manager in the healthcare industry, entrepreneur, and licensing manager. He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Thomas Jefferson University and a M.B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.
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