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Tarik Soliman

Tarik Soliman, PhD

CEO and President
Extend Biosciences
Dr. Soliman joined Extend Biosciences in 2011 as CEO and President. He has more than twenty years experience working in the lab as Ph.D.-trained scientist and a broad understanding of biologics development from time spent at both small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies. Prior to joining Extend Biosciences, Dr. Soliman was a Lab Head at Novartis in an early stage biologics development group helping projects transition from research to development. He spent several years as a scientist at two smaller biotech companies, Neose Technologies Inc. and Promedior, Inc. working on protein therapeutics and half-life extension strategies. Notably, of the >20 peptide and protein therapeutics that Dr. Soliman has worked on in his career prior to Extend Biosciences, two are approved therapies, and one is in late-stage Phase III clinical trials. Dr. Soliman received a Ph.D. in Microbiology from Columbia University and expanded into cell biology and protein biochemistry during his postdoctoral studies at Rockefeller University in the laboratory of Nobel laureate Dr. Gunter Blobel. He has multiple peer-reviewed publications and patents. Dr. Soliman manages the scientists at the company, and provides strategic vision for the path forward.
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