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Simone Fantaccini

Simone Fantaccini, MD, MBA

Chief Scientific Officer & Head of Medical Affairs
Simone Fantaccini, MD, MBA - Head of Medical Affairs & Chief Scientific Officer, Novartis Pharma Switzerland As a Medical Doctor and holder of an Executive MBA, coupled with ongoing PhD studies in finance, I've played a pivotal role in shaping transformative medical solutions across various markets. In my position as Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Medical Affairs at Novartis Innovative Medicines Switzerland, I've concentrated on steering medical development, managing diverse therapeutic areas, and driving performance to new heights. My managerial expertise is defined by an ability to oversee high-performing teams, guide managers, and champion diverse launches. My entrepreneurial instincts and visionary thinking have been instrumental in launching and nurturing various groundbreaking initiatives, fostering collaboration and innovation across the field of life sciences. Through a deep exploration of cutting-edge financial technologies, I've cultivated a comprehensive understanding of disruptive healthcare funding models, placing me at the forefront of strategic advancements. My partnerships with industry leaders and academic institutions have accelerated progress and broadened accessibility to healthcare solutions. Above all, my leadership is marked by curiosity, excellence, and empathy, reflecting a seasoned perspective that transcends traditional boundaries. My commitment to driving performance, building strategic partnerships, and pursuing innovation underscores my passion for a healthier, more equitable world.
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