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Romain Micol

Romain Micol

President and co-founder CEO
Combined Therapeutics
Since 2016 Romain has been President, Co-Founder and CEO of Combined Therapeutics Inc (CTx), a spin-out biotech company from the Langer Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). CTx integrates nanomedicine and ground-breaking mRNA technology to enhance immunotherapies by safely delivering nucleic acid-based therapeutics to patients. To do this, our team developed a unique Nanomedicine Platform (DMPCTx) which directs and enhances immunotherapies in solid tumors, directing expression of customise mRNA in targeted cells only, achieving enhanced efficacy and Multi-Organ Protection. Our platform is formulated in a lipid nanoparticle, which is engineered to concentrate the immunotherapy’s activity in specific cell types whilst sparing other tissue. Evident in the 2019 engineering of WO/2019/051100, CTx work encompasses the composition for expressing polypeptide within a target organ, the composition comprising of delivery particles and at least a first mRNA sequence complexed with the delivery particle. and directorial positions across the Institut Mérieux group, including ABlinc (USA), Shantha Biotechnics (India), Transgene (China and France). My responsibilities stretched from managing the Mycobacterial antigen vaccine, Patent WO/2014/009438A2 in China, leading the international research program for immunology and cancer in , I held various global, managerial Shanghai, to global medico, strategic marketing and technological partnering.
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