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Robin Silva

Robin Silva

Vice President of Intellectual Property
Xencor, Inc.
Robin has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from University of Colorado, Boulder. She worked for 6 years at the lab bench at Genencor, when it first started in 1984, in the protein chemistry department. She then went to Boalt Law School, and has been doing biotech patent work since 1993. She has done both patent preparation and prosecution, as well as IP portfolio strategic development for emerging companies, IP due diligence for VCs or large companies looking for product line acquisitions or full company acquisitions or mergers, including transactional support, and freedom to operate analyses for different purposes and in different contexts. Robin has had an increasing practice in global evaluations and strategies, given all the changes in both the US, CN, JP, and EP. Since 2021, she has been Vice President of Intellectual Property at Xencor. Specialties: prep and prosecution; IP due diligence, FTO, and IP strategic development, particularly globally.
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