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Paul Reichert

Paul Reichert

Associate Principal Scientist
Paul Reichert, an Associate Principal Scientist at Merck Research Laboratories (MRL), is a highly experienced researcher in the field of pharmaceutical development. With 35 years of experience at MRL, he has dedicated his work to improving the lives of patients through the development of drug delivery options using crystalline biologic suspensions for more convenient subcutaneous injections. His expertise lies in the crystallization of proteins and biologics, with a focus on enhancing treatment options in terms of efficacy, safety, adherence, and compliance. One of Paul's notable achievements includes his involvement in the development of manufacturing processes for alpha interferon products, addressing unmet medical needs for patients with conditions like hepatitis C and melanoma. Paul’s research collaboration with NASA and the University of Alabama at Birmingham over the past 15 years has focused on the effects of microgravity on pharmaceutical applications, and provided insights into the development of alpha interferon and other treatments. Throughout his career, Paul has made significant contributions to pharmaceutical research as evidenced by over 25 patents and 31 authored papers in the field of biologic therapeutics development. His work has been recognized and includes the CASIS Pioneer in Space Science Award and the NASA Exceptional Technology Award.
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