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Mathieu Blanchette

Mathieu Blanchette

McGill University
The Blanchette lab develops cutting-edge computational approaches to key questions in genomics, RNA biology, and evolution. We design algorithmic, machine learning, and statistical approaches to solve real-world questions from biology, and work in tight collaboration with biologists, biochemists, and geneticists to put our tools to use to make biological discoveries. We are particularly interested in: (i) How can machine learning help guide the study of RNA post-transcriptional regulation and the design of RNA therapeutics? (ii) How do genomes evolve, and what does that tell us about their functions? (iii) How is gene expression regulated, and what role does 3D chromosome organization play? After completing his Ph.D. (U. of Washington, 2002) and postdoc (UC Santa Cruz, 2003), Mathieu joined the School of Computer Science at McGill and founded the Computational Genomics Lab. His team’s research has been disseminated in more than 150 publications and received more than 15,000 citations. Elected member of the College of Scholars of the Canadian Royal Society, he was a Sloan Fellow (2009), and received the Outstanding Young Computer Scientist Researcher Prize from the Canadian Association for Computer Science (2011), and the Chris Overton prize (2006). With Eric Lécuyer, he is the co-holder of a dual research chair in A I& Health from the Fonds de Recherche du Québec en Santé.
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