• June 3-6, 2024
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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson, BS

Chair and CEO
Pattern Computer
Mark Anderson is the Chief Executive Officer of Pattern Computer, Inc. Mark has a career of making accurate predictions while developing pattern discovery techniques. He publicly predicted both the Global Financial Collapse of 2007- 2008, as well as the Oil Price Collapse of 2014-2015, despite having no formal training in economics or oil. Concurrent with this role, Mark is the founder and publisher of the weekly SNS Global Report on Technology and the Global Economy and founded the Future in Review (FiRe) conference now in its 20th year. Mark earned his Bachelor and Master’s in marine biology and biochemistry from Stanford University and has conducted doctoral work in biochemical ecology at the University of British Columbia. After creating the concept design for the first “Pattern Recognition Processor,” Mark then turned to the CTO Challenge at the annual Future in Review conference in 2015 to make a “Pattern Computer.” After three days and two standing ovations, Pattern Computer Inc. was funded and staffed on the way to the coffee stand. Since then, Mark has hired a small, hard-working team to continue to develop the Pattern Discovery Engine and apply it to the most important areas of business and medicine.
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