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Kevin Choi

Kevin Choi

Kevin Choi, the founding CEO has a remarkable journey—one shaped by both adversity and innovation. A Battle with Glaucoma In 2016, life took an unexpected turn for Kevin. Despite severe myopia, he believed himself exceptionally healthy. However, a diagnosis shattered that illusion. Glaucoma—a chronic, progressive eye disease caused by optic nerve damage—had silently crept into his world. At just 26 years old, Kevin found himself grappling with a condition more commonly associated with older adults. By then, he had lost half of his right eye vision, and his left eye held only a fragile 70% of its original capacity. The realization hit hard: early detection could have spared him this vision loss. Mediwhale: A Visionary Startup Undeterred by adversity, Kevin embarked on a mission. In the same year, he co-founded Mediwhale, a health-care startup poised to redefine metabolic care. Their groundbreaking product, Reti-CVD, combines retinal imagery and artificial intelligence to assess cardiovascular risk—a pioneering approach with safety, accessibility, precision and global Impact With a humble starting capital of $5,000, Mediwhale emerged seven years ago. Despite the challenges faced by startups, they secured over $9 million in investments last year. Their devices are now approved across the EU and Asian countries.

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