• June 3-6, 2024
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Jui-Hao Lee

Jui-Hao Lee, PhD

Director of Clinical Affairs Dept.
Everfront Biotech
I'm Adrian (Jui-Hao Lee), the Director of Clinical Affairs and spokesperson. In my academic journey, I earned a Ph.D. at Academia Sinica/Natl. Yang-Ming Univ. in Taipei, Taiwan. My focus in translational medicine led me to develop a protein drug, addressing challenges like inhibiting osteoclast cell fusion to alleviate osteoclastogenesis or impeding cancer cell fusion to inhibit tumorigenesis. This experience fueled my passion for translating molecular and cell biology candidates into tangible products. Building on our clinical successes and recognizing the immense potential in research, Everfront Biotech has initiated a robust pipeline. Our vision extends beyond groundbreaking research. I'm thrilled to share the exceptional achievements of Everfront Biotech, a pioneer in revolutionizing cancer treatment. Our approach involves a local sustained delivery strategy, releasing a multi-targeted small molecule to tackle diseases marked by physical barriers and intricate heterogeneity, such as tumors in the brain and pancreas. Our primary focus remains on neuro-oncology, addressing the highly unmet medical needs of diseases like GBM, and extending our efforts into the challenges posed by pancreatic cancer.
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