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Jonathan Fairtlough

Jonathan Fairtlough

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services
A Principal in KPMG’s Cyber Threat Management practice, he has over 20 years of experience in investigating and responding to digital data Incidents, cyber-attacks and theft. Jonathan works with a diverse client base to help manage complex data and intrusion incidents, including ransomware, data extortion, theft of intellectual property and insider theft. Jonathan specializes in working at the direction of counsel to integrate IR response and management services. Jonathan started his career at the Los Angeles County District Attorneys office, where he ran the digital evidence presentation for the case of People v. Orenthal James Simpson. He later co-founded and was the Assistant Head Deputy of the High Technology Crimes Division, where he oversaw a team of prosecutors and investigators in successfully prosecuting hundreds of cases of computer intrusion, technology enabled identity theft, Intellectual property and trade secret crimes. He co-created the training curriculum at the National Computer Forensic Institute, a US DHS training center for state and local prosecutors, judges and investigators, creating the class and manuals for the Digital Evidence for Prosecutors class, the Mobile Device Evidence for Prosecutors class and the Advanced Digital evidence classes. He continued to teach at the NCFI up to 2021. He also assisted in the creation of a certification in digital forensics for Cypress College. An accomplished instructor, he has taught for the California POST training program, the FBI, United States Secret Service, the National Advocacy Center, the NDAA, the CDAA, the IACP and the Los Angeles County Criminal Justice Institute. He is a testifying expert on theft of Intellectual Property, computer Intrusion and identity theft, and a trusted C-Suite advisor on qualifying and managing cyber risk globally. He transitioned to the private sector in 2013, helping build a global IR team for an investigative risk consultancy for eight years. He assisted hundreds of clients in response to active data incidents. Jonathan is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional, holding CISSP license number 513407 since 2017. Jonathan also holds the GIAC Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership (GSTRT) certification. He is an active member of the California bar, number 175496.
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