• June 3-6, 2024
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Gregory Contreras

Gregory P Contreras, MBA

Auxergen, Inc
Driven by my personal passiona for growing things and solving global challenges, I have led the foundation and launch of Auxergen, a Qualified Maryland biotech company pioneering bio-based solutions for agriculture, environmental and human disease. So far, I helped develop transformative technologies like XylePhage, saving olive trees from Olive Quick Decline Syndrome, and KataNaseTM, a potent bio-disinfectant. But my impact extends beyond technology. I spearheaded the creation of dedicated agriculture and personal care divisions, attracted $1M in funding, and secured worldwide patents for our groundbreaking Xylella cure, with a potential market value of €2.5B. I am a serial entrepreneur with a diverse background in economics, languages, operations, and marketing. I have a BA from Drew University, and an MBA with an International focus from Rutgers Graduate School of Management. Starting in manufacturing, I gained expertise in quality, cost control, and team leadership. I transitioned to consulting, honing service development and team management skills. In advertising, I mastered branding and marketing while leading new business efforts. Now, I leverage all this as CEO of my biotech startup, building a successful and socially responsible company.
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  • 04-Jun-2024
    Auxergen, Inc.
    Company Presentation Theater 2

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