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Ella Balasa

Ella Balasa

Patient Expert
Balasa Consulting
Having a background in biology, Ella has experienced both sides of the research spectrum - as a patient and a scientist. Examining antibiotic resistant bacteria in the environment, which is the same bacteria that thrive in the lungs of those with CF, her work in the lab intersected with her health. She has spoken publicly at various conferences, congressional meetings, to pharmaceutical companies, and to the FDA about the need for the development of novel therapies for the treatment of these antibiotic-resistant infections that thrive not only in her lungs, but which are becoming a significant global problem. Most recently, her patient journey battling antibiotic resistant infections was featured in a documentary titled the Silent Pandemic which focuses on strategies to counter the advance of antibiotic resistance. She has been published in medical journals, including being a patient reviewer for BMJ and Pulmonary Therapy Journal, and served on committees tasked in optimizing clinical trial protocols and research prioritization grant committees with the CF Foundation. She believes that understanding the patient experience is vital to healthcare companies and researchers and that the collaboration with solution focused patient advocates will advance medical progress.
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