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Dionne Stalling

Dionne L Stalling

Executive Director
Rare And Black
Dionne L. Stalling stands at the forefront of a movement dedicated to amplifying the voices of Black patients within the healthcare landscape. As the esteemed founder and executive director of Rare And Black, she has tirelessly championed the cause of ensuring that Black patients' voices are not only heard but also valued and integrated into the fabric of medical decision-making. At the helm of Rare And Black, Dionne has spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives aimed at addressing the systemic disparities that have long marginalized Black patients within the realm of healthcare. With an unwavering commitment to equity and inclusivity, she has worked tirelessly to dismantle barriers to access and elevate the visibility of underrepresented voices within medical research, treatment, and advocacy. A graduate of Washington University's esteemed Community Research Fellows program, Dionne embodies the intersection of academic rigor and lived experience. Armed with a profound understanding of community-based research methodologies, she harnesses the power of data to advocate for marginalized communities and drive evidence-based interventions that yield tangible, transformative outcomes. In addition to her pioneering work with Rare And Black, Dionne serves as a principal at Athari Strategies, a distinguished health equity consulting firm renowned for its innovative approaches to addressing disparities within the healthcare system. Drawing upon her wealth of experience and expertise, Dionne provides invaluable guidance to organizations seeking to cultivate more inclusive and equitable practices, thereby paving the way for transformative change within the field of healthcare. Dionne's impact extends far beyond the confines of any single organization. As a trusted advisor and thought leader, she sits on numerous advisory boards spanning multidisciplinary medical specialties, where her insights and perspectives are sought after by esteemed institutions such as Washington University, Tufts University, University of Texas at Austin, and Ohio State University, among others. Her unique blend of strategic acumen and lived experience as a patient with nine rare diseases has positioned her as a formidable force in shaping the future of healthcare. With a steadfast dedication to advancing health equity and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, Dionne L. Stalling stands as an exemplary leader, inspiring change and driving progress at every turn. Her tireless advocacy, unwavering resilience, and boundless compassion serve as a beacon of hope for countless individuals whose voices have long been silenced or overlooked. In Dionne's vision of a more equitable healthcare landscape, every patient—regardless of race, ethnicity, or medical condition—has the opportunity to be seen, valued, and heard.
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