• June 3-6, 2024
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Chung-Hsin Wang

Chung-Hsin Wang, PhD

General Manager
Trust Bio-sonics Inc.
CH Wang, the founder, and technical innovator of Trust Bio-sonics Inc. (TBS). Prior to establishing the company, Dr. Wang and the research team in National Tsing Hua University conducted extensive research in the field of ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-mediated drug delivery technologies. He contributed to the team's development of ultrasound microbubbles and phase-change droplets for drug delivery, aiming to overcome challenges in treating difficult-to-cure cancer diseases. After establishing Trust Bio-sonics, Dr. Wang is primarily responsible for the development of the company's core technology, the roadmap of product development, and subsequent commercialization efforts. TBS' most leading candidate, TBS-002 (i.e. NH002) microbubbles, has successfully entered the Phase III clinical trial stage in both the U.S. and Taiwan. In addition to TBS-002’s original applications in cardiovascular disease and cancer diagnosis, TBS' team has also dedicated significant research efforts over the past five years to build a next-generation drug delivery platform around this microbubble product.
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