• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California


Bharath Takulapalli

Bharath Takulapalli, PhD

SPOC Proteomics, Inc.
Bharath is an inventor of multiple foundational life science technologies at the interface of nanotechnology, systems biology and ML/AI, being developed to extract 100x more information per $ from systems biology (genotype and phenotype) than currently possible. He conceived of Sensor-integrated Proteome On Chip (SPOC) technology to bridge a large gap in the current proteomic tools space, to democratize high-throughput kinetic screening of protein bindings and interactions. SPOC is the first and only technology that enables production of 1000s of full-length folded proteins on 1.5 sq-cm biosensor chips, for simultaneous real time biosensing of protein bindings and interactions, to yield qualitative, quantitative, and kinetic information in a single assay. Bharath has 20 years of experience at the interface of single molecule biophysics, solid-state-electronics and molecular biology and holds multiple patents in these areas. He is also the inventor of FENT solid-state nanopore technology for 1000x faster DNA sequencing at 1/10th the cost, being developed by iNanoBio Inc. Bharath’s vision is to develop complex scalable technologies, to achieve 90% disease preemption, which aims to detect and intervene in pre-disease phases, to cure before full disease onset.


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