June 3-6, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

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BIO provides several opportunities for small companies and start-ups to attend at discounted rates (or even for free!), gain additional visibility from influential biopharma investors, and secure dedicated partnering spaces at BIO 2018 in Boston. We encourage you to learn about and participate in the various programs that are available: 

Start-up Stadium 

The Start-Up Stadium was designed to provide start-up companies with the opportunity to engage key members of the investment community, venture philanthropy groups, and BIO attendees. This area in the BIO Exhibition provides an exciting and interactive experience where investors provide live feedback and judge 7 minute pitches presented by start-up biotech companies. To participate as a start-up, companies must meet certain criteria to apply. If accepted, in addition to their opportunity to make their pitch before a panel of presenters, Start-up Stadium companies also receive a partnering registration for a large price reduction.

We are accepting applications now through April 6. Interested in Participating in Start-Up Stadium? Learn more.

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Company Presentations 

For companies participating in BIO One-on-One Partnering, purchasing a Company Presentation slot is a great way to increase your visibility. In fact, company presenters tend to receive double the number of partnering meeting requests than non-presenters, and schedule twice as many meetings than non-presenting companies.  Presenting companies are also spotlighted in BIO's marketing materials leading up to the event, as well as onsite.

Partnering registration is required to apply for a slot. If selected, Presenting Companies must purchase (in addition to their registration) the presentation fee which is $1,440 for BIO members and $1,800 for non-members. Learn more here.


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Buzz of BIO

Companies can also enter the Buzz of BIO competition this week to win a FREE Company Presentation and partnering registration. Companies are nominated, BIO posts the 40+ finalists, and asks the industry to vote for their favorite innovative companies in two categories. Learn more here.

Emerging Innovators Zone 

The inaugural Emerging Innovators Zone at the 2018 BIO International Convention provides 4,500 square feet of space on the exhibit floor for pillar sponsor organizations that cater to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to showcase themselves, their services, and the “spotlight” companies within their network. Types of pillar organizations typically include investment banks, venture capital firms, accelerators, government agencies, big pharma/biotech, law firms, and service providers. The space also allows for independent SMEs that are post-$10M investment to apply and be given prime space on the exhibit floor to showcase their achievements. The “open-air market” atmosphere within the zone allows attendees to freely engage with other companies further along the company lifecycle as well as stakeholders operating in the SME space that they could employ to achieve the continual stages of growth. This space provides a unique footprint and builds a continual bridge between those early-stage companies and stakeholders participating in the Start-Up Stadium event with the more mature SMEs along the life science/biotech lifecycle conducting company presentations and biopharma corporations and conglomerates that are participating on panel sessions and fireside chats.    

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