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Vivacelle Bio,Inc.

Monday, June 03, 2024
Multiple Therapeutics
Company Presentation Theater 3
VIVACELLE BIO, Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on creating products that utilize our patented phospholipid nanoparticle technology to design products that increase the survivability of critically ill patients. Our phospholipid nanoparticles are 7-300mm in diameter and comprised of phospholipids that form micelles and liposomes. Micelles and liposomes of various sizes make up the different formulations that we have invented with a pipeline of ten products. Our research has revealed that particles of different sizes possess different properties such as reversible absorption of nitric oxide without complication that are beneficial in specific conditions of critical illness. Vivacelle Bio, Inc. has two products that have been cleared by the FDA for phase II clinical trials. We recently concluded a very successful phase II clinical trial of VBI-S for septic shock. We are proceeding with phase 3 and will begin our phase 2 trial of VBI-1 for severe blood loss.
Vivacelle Bio,Inc.
Company Website: http://vivacellebio.com
Lead Product in Development: VBI-S for septic shock
Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners): 6

Company HQ City

Kansas City

Company HQ State


Company HQ Country

United States

CEO/Top Company Official

Harven DeShield JD, PhD

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase III
Primary Speaker
Cuthbert Simpkins, MD
President/Chief Innovation Officer
Vivacelle Bio, Inc
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