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Trust Bio-sonics Inc.

Thursday, June 06, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Platform for Therapeutics
Company Description: Trust Bio-sonics Inc. is a Taiwan based pharmaceutic company (Private) and a world leader in microsphere technologies for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging and ultrasound-mediated drug delivery technologies. The Company mainly targets the disease areas of cardiovascular diseases and cancers aiming to provide early diagnosis and treatment solutions for patients. Trust Bio-sonics (TBS) is developing three clinical candidates for diagnostic ultrasound imaging, diagnosis of Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), and enhanced pancreatic therapy by using our proprietary ultrasound drug delivery technology. The leading candidate for diagnostic ultrasound imaging, TBS-002 (505b1 New Drug), has received the Phase 3 trial approval from both USFDA and Taiwan FDA. TBS’ proprietary ultrasound-mediated drug delivery (UMDD) technology is a controlled drug release technique that emphasizes rapid, effective, and targeted drug delivery. It utilizes the cavitation effects of insonated microbubbles to enhance the permeability of the blood vessels in the focused area to increase the cumulative concentration of drug molecules and to modulate the tumor microenvironment and immune expression, resulting in improved and enhanced therapeutic outcomes. This delivery technique can be applied to deliver a variety of different types of drugs, including small molecule, biologic proteins and genetic drugs. Potential applications include cancer therapy, thrombolysis, vascular calcification destruction, targeted gene delivery, and blood-brain barrier opening...etc. Currently, TBS team has completed the pre-clinical studies of this delivery technology for pancreatic cancer treatment and achieved significant therapeutic results. Based on the achievements, TBS has further formed a team with physicians from National Taiwan University Hospital to promote the clinical translation. Trust Bio-sonics has a team of 12 members, including engineers with pharmaceutical industry experience, pharmacist, radiologist, contrast agent sales expert, and scientists in the field of ultrasound imaging and drug delivery. The company's management team consists of experts in this technology field, with over 15 years of development experience and a track record of publishing over 20 international journal articles, some of which have been in journals with Impact Factors exceeding 15. This team has also earned the trust of many prominent investors, including China Development Industrial Bank, National Development Fund of Taiwan, and Compal Electronics, among venture capital firms and enterprises. With the continuous growth of the company, TBS aims to initiate commercial activities and strengthen collaborations in the United States.

Trust Bio-sonics Inc.
Company Website: https://www.trust-biosonics.com/

Company HQ City

Zhubei City

Company HQ State

Hsinchu County

Company HQ Country


CEO/Top Company Official

Chung-Hsin Wang, Ph.D.
Primary Speaker
Chung-Hsin Wang, PhD
General Manager
Trust Bio-sonics Inc.
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