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ThromBio Holdings

Wednesday, June 05, 2024
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ThromBio, a private biotech firm is based at the Charles Perkins Centre (The University of Sydney/Royal Prince Alfred Hospital), in Sydney, Australia. Our small molecule NCE, TBO-309 has now treated 11 patients, with promising early results, in an MRFF funded Phase IIa study (STARS - Safety and Tolerability of Adjunctive TBO-309 in Reperfusion for Stroke). The study commenced in late 2023 in leading stroke units in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. We are pleased to say that whilst early days, the results are showing signs of the compound being safe, and most importantly, efficacious at this albeit low dose, with most patients having ‘excellent’ outcomes when compared to what we would normally expect in this population, and the majority having made full recovery after treatment. Our portfolio of first-in-class compounds is characterized by a unique mechanism of action, and potentially represents a significant leap forward in the treatment of ischemic strokes.
ThromBio Holdings
Company Website: http://www.thrombio.com
Lead Product in Development: TBO-309 is a small molecule, first-in class drug, enhancing thrombolysis without increasing bleeding risk, showing impressive separation of anti-thrombotic effects from bleeding (human, dogs) and highly effective in pre-clinical stroke models and 2x Phase I human trials. Preclinical results demonstrated impressive improvements in recanalisation, prevention of rethrombosis and functional recovery, without increasing intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH), with data in four animal species, and numerous peer-reviewed publications in major international journals. TBO-309 has now treated 11 patients in its current PHASE II – STARS Safety and Tolerability of Adjunctive TBO-309 in Reperfusion for Stroke.
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Peter Bush

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Peter Bush
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