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Synergy Therapeutics Inc.

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Company Description: Synergy Therapeutics Inc. has discovered and developed a novel and disruptive way to potently upregulate p53, the "guardian of the genome", in both wildtype and mutant cancer cells. Its peptide derived from the transactivation domain (TAD) of p53, a full p53 agonist, is linked to Human Serum Albumin (HSA) which enables heavy tumor loading based on intracellular targeting which satisfies tumor hunger for amino acids and fatty acids. This Trojan Horse fusion protein approach is novel, and results in our product, rHSA-p53i. The fusion protein accumulates in tumors and lasts up to 72 hours. This product combines transcription-dependent and –independent mechanisms. We are confident this drug will slow resistance development, based on its potent inhibition of 4 vital targets preventing apoptotic cell death: MDM2, MDM4 (MDMX), BCL-xL and MCL-1. Accordingly, we believe this will constitute breakthrough therapy. Synergy has shown that its rHSA-p53i product synergizes with over 15 kinase inhibitors, with which it at a minimum doubles activity with half the dose. As our fusion protein is tumoricidal, and presents antigen to the immune system, this product creates potential to speed ICI treatment. Significant synergy has also been shown with multiple chemotherapy compounds. Target indications include triple-negative breast cancer and colon, liver, lung, ovarian, prostate, bladder and skin cancers in addition to leukemia and lymphoma Other compounds targeting p53 have failed based on multiple Achilles heels: • -TP53 gene mutation/MDM4 upregulation e.g. idasanutlin • Metabolized in cells e.g. ALRN-6924 • No intracellular penetration e.g. Aprea’s eprenetapopt • Dose-limiting tox. e.g. Roche’s RG7112 & PMV’s PC14586 • No nucleus access e.g. 3rd gen mAbs Synergy is ready to advance a completely novel and highly promising compound on the pathway towards IND-enabling studies by scaling an “undruggable” cliff with its novel mechanism of action, method of accessing intracellular pathways and by avoiding the mines buried beneath the oncology battlefield. Synergy is a spinout from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy/SJU, and was founded by Professor Zhiyu Li, PhD. Five US patents have been granted, and in addition Synergy has a license to three issued cholestosome patents. We believe that rHSA-p53i holds potential to transform the lives of millions with combination therapy that meets patient needs. We appreciate the opportunity to be considered for Startup Stadium.

Synergy Therapeutics Inc.
Company Website: http://Website under construction. Site will be https://synergythx.com

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Michael Atkin, CEO Jerome J. Schentag, PharmD, CSO
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Michael Atkin, MBA
Synergy Therapeutics Inc.
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