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Rejuvenate Biomed

Monday, June 03, 2024
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Platform for Therapeutics
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Established in 2017, Rejuvenate Biomed is a clinical-stage, privately held, platform and pipeline company dedicated to redefining the aging process. Their mission is to ensure lifelong health by developing innovative therapeutics that target the root causes of age-related diseases. Rejuvenate Biomed has established two distinct drug discovery platforms, AI-enabled in silico CombinAge and in vivo CelegAge. As a result, Rejuvenate Biomed has developed a pipeline of five unique combination drugs targeting various age-related diseases, including neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, metabolic, cardiovascular, nephrological, and neurodegenerative indications. Lead candidate RJx-01 is safe and well tolerated in a 6-week Phase 1b clinical trial in disuse-induced sarcopenia, with positive functional outcome data. These promising results support the progression to Phase 2 studies in sarcopenia and osteoporosis, marking a significant step forward in the commitment to promote healthy aging.
Rejuvenate Biomed
Company Website: http://www.rejuvenatebiomed.com
Lead Product in Development: Lead candidate RJx-01 is a patent-protected combination drug formulated for safe oral administration across multiple indications. This innovative compound has undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating safety, tolerability, and promising efficacy in both animal models and elderly volunteers within a placebo-controlled clinical trial, specifically targeting acute sarcopenia, a musculoskeletal disease. Moving forward, a clinical Phase 2 program focusing on RJx-01 for sarcopenia treatment will be initiated in 2024.
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Ann Beliën

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Ann Belien
Founder & CEO
Rejuvenate Biomed
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