• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California



Partnering with CROs and their High-Value Network of Providers to Drive Speed, Cost Effectiveness and Quality in your Clinical Development

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Breakout Session
Join us for a panel discussion with leaders from across the clinical research ecosystem as we explore how you can activate a CRO’s network and accelerate your asset to its next milestone. Incorporating diverse, global perspectives, this will be an impactful session that will give you the tools you need to take the next step in partnering to access relationships, services and strategic insights. When thinking about how to develop their assets, biotech companies are faced with hundreds of potential partners to choose from. They can benefit from a CRO partner who has already solved many of the challenges that come with finding, selecting, and contracting with the range of different types of providers required to deliver clinical research, including niche services for complex or highly specialized trials. CROs can act as the “network connector” due to their longstanding relationships with best-in-breed service providers, access to innovative technologies and solutions, and the capability to orchestrate the selection and use of these solutions. From investigator sites and networks, data sources, clinical technologies (e.g. EDC, CTMS, RBM tools, ePRO, eCOA, IRT, wearables, AI/ML/RPA), lab and imaging providers, clinical trial supplies and logistics, the CRO can act as a trusted guide and integrator.

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