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Medosome Biotec, LLC

Monday, June 03, 2024
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Multiple Therapeutics
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Medosome Biotec’s (MBT) mission is to develop and commercialize technologies that enrich the lives of children by providing solutions to childhood diseases, disabilities and deficiencies. The Company focuses on early-stage technologies (late discovery through IND/Phase I). A focus of the Company is to develop these technologies within the context of precision medicine. The company operates a CLIA certified genetic testing laboratory. In collaboration with a strategic partner, MBT’s lead drug candidate for the treatment of PDCD recently completed a FDA Phase III clinical trial; a New Drug Application will be submitted in August 2024. A companion diagnostic was developed to support patient dosing; this genetic test will be offered through MBT’s clinical laboratory. Additional products MBT is developing include a small molecule drug for demyelinating diseases. MBT will provide a presentation on this novel drug at BIO 2024.
Medosome Biotec, LLC
Company Website: http://www.mdbiotec.com
Lead Product in Development: MBT’s lead drug candidate is dichloroacetate (DCA), which is being evaluated for the treatment of Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Complex Deficiency (PDCD). PDCD is the most common cause of congenital lactic acidosis and leads typically to early death, either from unrelenting lactic acidosis and/or from progressive neurological and neuromuscular degeneration, due to cellular energy failure. Treatment of PDCD remains a serious, unmet challenge. In collaboration with our strategic and academic partners we recently completed a FDA Phase III clinical trial (NCT 0216484; www.clincaltrials.gov). We plan to submit a New Drug Application (NDA) for marketing approval to the FDA by August 2024. Complementing this drug is a genetic assay for determining the personalized dosage of DCA. This Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) is offered through MBT’s genetic testing laboratory.
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Richard E. Wagner

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Richard Wagner
Medosome Biotec, LLC
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