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Matrubials Inc.

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Infectious Disease and Vaccines
Company Description: Matrubials Inc. is developing milk-inspired therapeutics to address infectious diseases. Globally, drug-resistant infections cause ~1.2M deaths a year. In women, recurrent bacterial vaginosis and subsequent repeat urinary tract and yeast infections and reproductive issues remain unresolved for ~1bn women world-wide. This is because existing antibiotics are either resistant to in ~68% patients, or are non-selective and alter the healthy microbiome. Milk-inspired, potent bactericidal, selective and safe, patent-pending antimicrobial peptide(s) in Matrubials’ portfolio can be scaled in a lab and developed into topical applications (FDA route, a first-in-class vaginal insert, medical product -physician prescribed, insurance reimbursed) to reduce the burden of BV and umbrella of associated clinical complications. Additional indications include all-gender skin & soft tissue infections (B2B/DTC route- cosmetic product for skin health launching in 2024 and a medical product). Furthermore, a validated AI-enabled strategy for candidate identification will continue to provide a platform for portfolio expansion to address other infections. Matrubials is a spin-out from the Foods for Health Institute at UC Davis and a recipient of NIH/NIAID SBIR and Gates foundation grants, and is currently raising a seed round (backed by Y Combinator, Summer 2021) for milestone-driven preclinical studies towards FDA approval for subsequently conducting human clinical trials.

Matrubials Inc.
Company Website: https://matrubials.com/

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United States

CEO/Top Company Official

Ishita M. Shah, PhD
Primary Speaker
Ishita Shah
CEO and Co-founder
Matrubials Inc.
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