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Lynk Pharmaceuticals

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Company Presentation
Multiple Therapeutics
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Lynk Pharmaceuticals, a global clinical-stage company, seeks partnerships to advance its clinical programs, focusing on autoimmune and inflammatory disease therapies. Its pipeline includes advanced 2nd & 3rd generation JAK inhibitors in multiple clinical phases, along with novel programs that complement its JAK portfolio. Lynk's JAK compounds, designed for both efficacy and enhanced safety, aim to address safety concerns associated with some JAKi's. The pipeline features a selective JAK1i (LNK01001), GI-targeted LNK01003, and skin/lung-specific LNK01004, as well as innovative allosteric TYK2i's for various indications. LNK01001, the lead compound, met all endpoints in three Phase II studies. With nearly 1000 subjects tested to date, no significant AE’s observed. Two Phase III studies are ongoing. Lynk's collaboration with Simcere Pharmaceuticals in China and its recognition through various awards underline its commitment to innovation and continuing growth in pharmaceutical industry.
Lynk Pharmaceuticals
Company Website: https://www.lynkpharma.com/
Lead Product in Development: LNK01001
Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners): >4

Company HQ City

Qiantang, Hangzhou

Company HQ State


Company HQ Country


CEO/Top Company Official

Zhao-Kui (ZK) Wan

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase III
Primary Speaker
Michael Vazquez, PhD
Co-Founder & Executive VP (Head of Chemistry)
Lynk Pharmaceuticals
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