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Lixa Pty Ltd

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Infectious Disease and Vaccines
Company Description: Biotech company with the goal to solve the antimicrobial resistance pandemic for anyone, anything, anywhere. Lixa specializes in the discovery and development of dispersant antibiofilm small molecules as a scalable solution for resistant or recalcitrant bacterial infections (biofilm disease). Its class of molecules is defined by rapid, broad spectrum, bacterial biofilm collapse, sensitization of resistant bacteria to antibiotics, compatibility with antibiotics and host body anti-inflammatory efficacy. Lead drug candidate, NeoX-101, is entering clinical development for mitigating recalcitrant Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections in patients with chronic lower respiratory tract disease, being administered as a companion to Standard of Care antibiotics (Phase 1b/2a). NeoX-101 has oral, intravenous and topical clinical safety data. A Phase 1 healthy volunteer inhalation study is being conducted in April 2024 in preparation for the Phase 1b/2a trial in Q3 2024. If successful, Lixa will aim to develop NeoX-101 across different administration routes, bacterial species and antibiotics. NeoX-101 is water soluble, non-bactericidal, non-resistance evoking and has a broad therapeutic index. In addition, NeoX-101 has shown oral bioavailability and efficacy in protecting mice against LPS-induced septic shock and DSS-induced colonic colitis. These results suggest that NeoX-101 has therapeutic impact beyond biofilm infections, and could support by stabilizing the patient during sepsis antibiotic treatment. Lixa intends to mobilise generic antibiotics in the fight against resistant infections by delivering a scalable and cost-effective solution for the core of the antimicrobial resistance issue across low, mid and high income countries. Lixa has established sophisticated bacterial biofilm high content screening methods with macro-colony, micro-colony and single organism levels of analysis to identify novel mechanisms of action and new chemical entities and is open for partnership opportunities across the human and animal health sectors. Lixa was founded in 2021 and now has 10 employees. Original research was spun out of the University of Western Australia in return for equity in the company.

Lixa Pty Ltd
Company Website: http://www.lixa.life

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Western Australia

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Maud Eijkenboom
Primary Speaker
Maud Eijkenboom, PhD
Managing Director
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