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KaloCyte, Inc.

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Company Description: KaloCyte is a pre-clinical biotech therapeutic startup company developing ErythroMer, a bioengineered artificial red blood cell (RBC) substitute that can be freeze-dried for long-term storage and is envisioned for pre-hospital treatment of traumatic hemorrhage when stored blood is unavailable or undesirable. Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death due to trauma, responsible for over 30,000 preventable deaths each year in the US alone. ErythroMer is a universal option for all blood types and has potential for accelerated regulatory pathways to address a critical unmet need serving a $7B U.S. market. To date, KaloCyte has demonstrated proof of concept, safety, and efficacy in animal models. Funded by $14M in grants from DARPA and NIH, and over $5M investor funding, we are currently focused on de-risking and scale up, armed with confirmation of our IND approach following a successful pre-IND meeting with FDA. We are seeking investor to fund IND-enabling studies and carry us through Phase 1 clinical trials for our primary indication. Potential exit by strategic acquisition could occur as early as the end of our Phase 2 trials.

KaloCyte, Inc.
Company Website: https://www.kalocyte.com/

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United States

CEO/Top Company Official

Elaine Haynes
Primary Speaker
Elaine Haynes, MBA
President and CEO
KaloCyte, Inc.
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