• June 3-6, 2024
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Human Biome Institute

Thursday, June 06, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Company Description: ‘Second-generation’ microbiome company developing world’s first biosynthetic, donor-independent, autonomous, bio-mimicking microbiome biotherapeutics predicted and synthesized in a deep-tech approach to decolonize Antibiotic-Resistant Bateria and prevent invasive infections, to enhance immune system to fight cancer and bone marrow transplantation/ cellular therapies complications and for longevity purposes. New drug type, new therapeutic areas, enormous market. Human Biome is one, and possibly the only one among other microbiome-oriented companies, with a full spectrum of resources to build a precise and effective donor-independent, biosynthetic and bio-mimicking microbiome drug: our own donor bank, a donor-dependent anaerobic microbiota preparation facility, a biobank, a clinical platform for proof of concept studies, and a drug discovery platform consisting of a computational platform and a deep tech laboratory with unique features on a global scale, being ultimately capable to synthesized New-z Generation Biotherapeutics (NGBs). We are developing drugs that will provide revolutionary solutions, including orphan ones, in areas of great need, such as for the decolonization of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the prevention of drug-resistant infections. Currently at least 800 million people in the world are colonized with severely antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and there is no active therapy to get rid of them and prevent subsequent invasive, deadly infections. We educate the market and create a new market with capitalization in the tens of billions of dollars. Prevention is better than cure. And if treatment is needed, it must be precise and tailored. .

Human Biome Institute
Company Website: https://human-biome.com/en/

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85 Działkowa street

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CEO/Top Company Official

Jarosław Biliński MD PhD
Primary Speaker
Jarek Bilinski, MD, PhD
AI-powered Drug Development Platform for creating microbiome based therapies
Human Biome
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