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Cha Therapeutics, Inc

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Start-Up Stadium Session
Company Description: Cha Therapeutics seeks to realize the untapped potential of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs). Approximately 75% of patients have no-to-modest ICI responses with limiting side effects due to immunologically “cold” tumors, a process often driven by broad epigenetic alterations. There are no approved therapeutics that trigger “cold-to-hot” transitions conferring increased ICI susceptibility. Our lead compound CHA1 is an epigenetic disruptor that pre-clinically induces cold-to-hot reprogramming of the tumor and immune environment, priming for maximal ICI efficacy. CHA1 crosses the blood-brain barrier for treatment of otherwise fatal brain metastases and has known and manageable human patient safety. Our Epigenetics-Plus screening platform of 70+ quantitative criteria provide a comprehensive view of the complex cold-to-hot transition and will be used for future discovery of novel compounds with both efficacy and patient safety. Efficacy as monotherapies and as ICI combination therapies will be pursued for CHA1 and future discoveries. The CHA1 emphases are 1) cancers with brain metastases including Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), lung cancer and melanoma, and 2) leukemias driven by epigenetic mechanisms including myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML). Together, we combine rigorous science with patient safety considerations to maximize ICI and other applications to improve cancer patient outcomes in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies.

Cha Therapeutics, Inc
Company Website: https://www.chatherapeutics.com/

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United States

CEO/Top Company Official

Dr. Amy S. Yee
Primary Speaker
Eric Paulson
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