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Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc

Monday, June 03, 2024
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Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc., a Maryland clinical stage biotechnology company, uses proprietary, patent protected technologies to design and manufacture of long shelf-life platelet derived therapeutics. Our development efforts focus on a >$4 Billion US market unmet need for controlling bleeding and hemorrhage from the inside (hemostasis). Our portfolio of clinical & pre-clinical stage agents treat uncontrolled bleeding, including brain hemorrhage, surgical bleeding, and maternal hemorrhage. Globally, uncontrolled bleeding (hemorrhage) is a leading cause of preventable death and disability as a result of trauma, maternal hemorrhage and brain hemorrhage. Uncontrolled hemorrhage is responsible for approximately 40% of trauma mortality of civilians under 65 years and approximately 80% of potentially survivable deaths in combat. The unmet need is so large, that the US government has supported Cellphire with significant non-dilutive funding in excess of $150 mm.
Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc
Company Website: http://www.cellphire.com
Lead Product in Development: We have two lead products - CLPH-211 a Perioperative Hemostatic Agent, the lead product using our Freeze-dried, Platelet-derived Hemostatic technology, the other, 80% funded by the Department of Defense - CLPH-511 (Cryopreserved Platelets) for use when standard platelet units are not available. CLPH-211 - a Perioperative Hemostatic Agent for use in the Acute Care Setting. CLPH-211 stops bleeding in the operating room via infusion. This is the lead Freeze-dried Platelet-derived hemostatic (FPH) technology family. It is in Phase 2 clinical trials in Denmark, has strong pre-clinical and clinical safety data. The product has 3+-year room temperature stability and simple rehydration with sterile water in minutes. CLPH-211 benefits from Health and Human Services (BARDA) and Department of Defense (Army) support due to the mission fit with DoD and HHS. FPH technology is the only shelf stable therapeutic to deliver primary and secondary hemostasis. In vitro and in vivo data confirm FPH adheres, activates and aggregates for primary hemostasis and enables secondary hemostasis from a thrombin burst creating effective, targeted coagulation and clot formation. The product’s in vivo clearance, less than an hour in animal models, reduces the risk of off target effects. CLPH-511 Cryopreserved Platelets - Platelet Substitute. CLPH-511 stops bleeding in the operating room via infusion, has a 5-year shelf life, and can be used in lieu of liquid stored platelets that have a ~7-day shelf life. A similar, non-scalable product is approved for use outside the US with ~3,000 patient successfully treated. Created by freezing platelets in DMSO, CLPH-511 delivers primary and secondary hemostasis. Cellphire's proprietary, patent pending process, enables scalable manufacturing. This is different technology from FPH. CLPH-511 is in Phase 2/3 clinical trials. Commercial exclusivity based on trade secret pooled process and provisional patents filed in 2023. Targeting BLA in 2027, CLPH-511’s development is 80% funded by the Department of Defense.
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Cellphire Therapeutics, Inc
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