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Boryung Co., Ltd.

Monday, June 03, 2024
Company Presentation
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Boryung is a fully integrated pharmaceutical company based in South Korea with a diverse business portfolio ranging from research and development of new drugs to manufacturing and sales of drug products, APIs, and consumer products. Boryung’s steady growth is evidenced by significant increase in profitability in recent years – its revenue growth over the past 3 years has soared, achieving an impressive CAGR of 16%. Additionally, Boryung has established itself as a leader in the field of oncology, holding the No.1 sales share in the oncology therapeutic area among all ETC sales. [Out-Licensing] Boryung is currently developing BR101801 as a treatment for peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCL); BR101801 is a first-in-class anticancer drug that triple-inhibits PI3K delta/gamma and DNA-PK. Keywords: First-in-class, NCE, Orphan drug, Oral, Triple inhibitor of PI3K δ/γ and DNA-PK, PTCL
Boryung Co., Ltd.
Company Website: https://www.boryung.co.kr/en/ https://pharm.boryung.co.kr/eng/index.do
Lead Product in Development: BR101801(Project Name: BR2002) Dosage Form: Oral (Capsule) Classification: First-in-class, NCE, Targeted therapy, Orphan drug (FDA, MFDS) Indication: Peripheral T Cell Lymphoma (PTCL); r/r PTCL NOS and Nodal TFH cell lymphoma Status: PII (Korea), expected NDA submission in 2027 MOA: DNA PK and PI3Kδ/γ triple inhibitor Pre-clinical Study Result: Efficacy: in vivo xenograft study had shown tumor growth inhibition, and the potential in combination with other targeted therapies(BCL 2 inhibitor, BTK inhibitor) Safety: No serious toxicity issues in GLP toxicity & safety pharmacology studies Clinical Study Result: Efficacy: 19 PTCL patients in Phase 1a/b study : 3 CRs, 3 PRs, 4 SDs , and 9 PDs (mPFS is 5.6 months, and mOS and mDOR have not yet reached) Safety: No treatment related mortality observed Competitive Strength: Strong patent protection expiring in 2036 in 18 countries; ODD granted by US FDA and Korea MFDS; Innovative MOA by triple inhibitor of DNA PK and PI3K δ/γ → High possibilities for first-tier of r/r PTCL treatment


Korea Exchange, KRX



Company HQ City

Seoul Jongno-gu

Company HQ State


Company HQ Country

Korea, Republic of

CEO/Top Company Official

Jay Kim, CEO & chairman, Daniel Chang, CEO of Pharma Biz

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase II
Primary Speaker
Bong Seog Kim
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