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Avanzanite Bioscience

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Company Presentation
Orphan and Rare Disease
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Avanzanite Bioscience is a European-focused commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company with a mission to boost patient access to ultra orphan or otherwise niche drugs for everyone in Europe, when nobody else dares to commercialise these products. We are looking for partnerships with research-based biopharmaceutical originators, to unlock the full value of their orphan medicines in European markets by facilitating patients access either by direct commercialisation if ready to market or codeveloping if some additional development for the European market is required. Many of these biotechs develop breakthrough Orphan Drugs, however they often do not reach patients in need which is a shame and unfair. At Avanzanite, we believe patients with Rare Diseases should have access to the latest medical innovations regardless of where they live. Avanzanite’s founding mission is to tackle these critical issues in the European orphan drug space and beyond with our unique business model.
Avanzanite Bioscience
Company Website: http://www.avanzanite.com
Lead Product in Development: It is an inlicensing and not to be disclosed yet

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1077 ZX Amsterdam

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CEO/Top Company Official

Adam Plich

Development Phase of Primary Product

Multiple Products in Market
Primary Speaker
Eva Cruz de Castro
Chief Business Development Officer
Avanzanite Bioscience
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