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ARC Medical Inc.

Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Company Presentation
Medical Devices
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ARC Medical is a clinical stage company that is preventing surgical adhesions to improve patient recovery. ARC has the only liquid medical devices that flow and form a temporary physical barrier film that prevents the formation of adhesions throughout the entire surgical area. ARC's medical devices have proven efficacious and easy to apply and can be used in a multiple surgical indications. ARC's products are backed by: - Favorable JOCOAT™ orthopedic surgical patient data (N=4); - Positive IPCOAT™ gynecological and abdominal safety clinical trial data (N=76); and - Superior IPCOAT™ head-to-head preclinical efficacy compared with 3 key competitors. ARC has received serious expressions of interest from multiple large Japanese medical devices companies and anticipates closing a deal for Japan prior to the end of 2024. In parallel, ARC is seeking to raise $15+ million to fund US development.
ARC Medical Inc.
Company Website: https://arcmedinc.com/
Lead Product in Development: JOCOAT™ liquid medical device for the prevention of orthopedic surgical adhesions; and IPCOAT™ liquid medical device for the prevention of gynecological and abdominal surgical adhesions.
Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners): 2

Company HQ City

Richmond (Vancouver)

Company HQ State

British Columbia

Company HQ Country


CEO/Top Company Official

Dr. Chris Springate

Development Phase of Primary Product

Phase II
Primary Speaker
Andrew Rae, MBA
Consultant to ARC - Financing and Business Development
ARC Medical Inc.
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