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Amaro Therapeutics, Inc.

Thursday, June 06, 2024
Company Presentation
Metabolic Diseases
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Amaro is a therapeutic platform company focused on the field of chemosensory receptors, specifically the TAS2R family (commonly known as bitter taste receptors), as therapeutic targets. These receptors are not confined to the oral cavity but ubiquitously expressed; every tissue expresses bitter taste receptors. Additionally, TAS2R receptors are expressed on and in certain cells including cancer, immune and senescent cells. TAS2R activation can provide significant benefit to patients across a spectrum of chronic diseases and conditions, e.g., obesity (GLP-1 and CCK), diabetes, PCOS, inflammation, aging, etc. Further, it is likely that TAS2R act in a concerted manner to tailor the body’s immune and metabolic response to certain ligands (e.g., bitter compounds), in a systems-like manner. Amaro is at the forefront of this therapeutic sector and is establishing the preeminent discovery platform to exploit the TAS2R system for the treatment of human diseases and conditions.
Amaro Therapeutics, Inc.
Company Website: http://www.amarotx.com
Lead Product in Development: AMTX-1001
Number Of Unlicensed Products (For Which You Are Seeking Partners): 0

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New York

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United States

CEO/Top Company Official

J. Michael French

Development Phase of Primary Product

Primary Speaker
J Michael French, MS
Chief Executive Officer
Amaro Therapeutics, Inc.
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