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Alphyn Biologics, Inc.

Wednesday, June 05, 2024
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Alphyn is developing breakthrough therapies to treat the most challenging, severe, and common skin diseases. Our Zabalafin Platform (AB-101) contains multiple bioactive compounds that power a new class of therapeutics capable of attacking disease in numerous ways. This unique approach enables the development of Multi-Target Therapeutics™ that target multiple diseases, and multiple symptoms and causes of each disease target. Alphyn's lead drug candidate for atopic dermatitis (AD), zabalafin hydrogel, completed Phase 2a clinical trials demonstrating efficacy against both the inflammatory and bacterial components of AD, with minimal side effects and strong patient tolerability for worry-free continuous and long-term use. Clinical trial results show superiority to current commercialized therapeutics and clinical-stage pipeline candidates. Alphyn's second therapeutic candidate is for epidermolysis bullosa, a collection of rare and life-threatening skin diseases.
Alphyn Biologics, Inc.
Company Website: http://www.alphynbiologics.com
Lead Product in Development: Alphyn's lead product, zabalafin hydrogel (AB-101a) for atopic dermatitis (AD), has successfully completed two Phase 2a clinical trials. It has demonstrated superior results to currently marketed and clinical trial pipeline drugs for efficacy and safety, showing minimal side effects and strong patient tolerability to support it being the first AD drug that is effective and worry-free for continuous and long-term use. Zabalafin hydrogel uniquely targets bacteria-associated AD flares as well as the inflammatory component of the disease. It was developed with our Zabalafin Platform, which has multiple bioactive compounds and therefore multiple mechanisms of action to be a platform technology for the development of unique multi-target therapeutics for many diseases. The Zabalafin Platform has demonstrated a strong safety, side effect and patient tolerability profile for an accelerated regulatory approval path. The Platform's anti-itch, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial mechanisms combined with the resulting improvement in quality of life are core to Alphyn’s portfolio.
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Neal Koller

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Neal Koller
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Alphyn Biologics
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