• June 3-6, 2024
  • San Diego Convention Center, California



Agile Biologics Development and Manufacturing Strategies to Meet Market Demand

Monday, June 03, 2024
Breakout Session
Business Development and Finance
The biomanufacturing landscape faces complex challenges in aligning biologic therapy development and supply with rapidly changing market dynamics. Innovations in therapies, the need to respond to global health crises, and shifts in treatment approaches profoundly impact product mix and volume requirements. Biomanufacturing facilities must adapt to produce a broad range of products with varied volume demands, from mass-produced vaccines to personalized medicines. This shift challenges operational capabilities and necessitates innovations in supply chain management, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance to handle the complexity and variability of product portfolios effectively. This panel will draw on the expertise of industry professionals to discuss strategies for maintaining agility and responsiveness in biomanufacturing. Topics will cover the critical importance of agility in this domain, methods for enhancing it, and real-world examples of its impact on success. Attendees will gain insight into how to harness agility to manage complexities and improve operational efficiency across the biomanufacturing value chain.
Paul Jorjorian
Vice President & General Manager, Biologics, Pharma Services
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Glen Campbell
Vice President, Head of External Operations
Vir Biotechnology
Michael Deperro
SVP, Corporate Development
Rezolute Inc
Adam Pfeiffer
Vice President
Farma Project

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