June 3-6, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

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Emerging Opportunities in Global Markets 

This specialty forum highlights biotech initiatives in global markets, looking at both emerging economies, and other global initiatives and trends (trade agreements, IP trends) that affect the industry’s landscape.  The Forum will provide an overview of developments in key markets, as well as cross-cutting policy trends. It will also examine unique collaborations and cross-border initiatives to further innovation. 

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Global Innovation Hubs

Presenting in the Global Innovation Hubs is the perfect way to increase your country’s visibility and attract additional partners across the globe. The Hubs at BIO further allow you to showcase the specific advantages of your country’s bioscience industry to a global audience representing over 64 countries. Countries or regions will have 13-minute time slots during which to present the top five most important reasons for an organization to invest there, either directly or indirectly, and answer questions from the audience. View all Global Innovation Hub Presentations for 2019. To learn more about this opportunity to present at BIO 2019, review our proposal submission information.


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Special SessionSpurring Biotech Innovation in Global Markets 

With each passing year, biotechnology becomes more of a globalized technology, with research and commercialization efforts reaching new corners of the world. That said, the global scene still seems to be dominated by a few major economies, primarily the United States and small group of centers of biotech excellence outside the United States. What are the other 65 countries represented at the BIO International Convention doing to catch up? What do they need to do to become more dynamic centers of global biotechnology innovation?

The Right Mix(er) Matters 

Following the Scientific American Super Session, this is the concluding event for the day and a great chance to network with colleagues. All badge types are welcome to enjoy the final BIO Convention Happy Hour!



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