June 3-6, 2019 | Philadelphia, PA


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Creating a Buzz at Convention
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Promote your participation in the BIO International Convention by engaging media in a variety of ways! We have outlined a number of ways you can 

Engage Online Media

Maximize online media opportunities as many print outlets are now posting their stories online first.

  • Connect with us online to promote what you’re doing at Convention and get even more exposure.
  • Tag your Convention related content, blog posts, photos and videos with #BIO2019
  • Upload the Convention logo to your web site with a link to releases related to Convention. Assets will be available soon in the BIO Toolkit.
  • Follow us on Twitter @BIOConvention
  • Suggest a podcast for cross-linking on our association blog, BIOtechNow
  • Join us on Facebook
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn and start discussions
  • Visit our YouTube channel and suggest videos to post
  • Use Flickr for sharing photos and tag all of your photos with #BIO2019
  • Share Convention news, information and relevant editorials with your contacts and promote your state’s activities at Convention in the process.
  • Leverage new media tools like podcasting, vodcasting, and blogs to extend your reach.

View all BIO and BIO International Convention social media resources.


Engage Traditional Media

Notify Media in Advance

Share relevant releases with reporters in advance, since they will begin searching for story ideas two-three weeks before the event. Maximize your chance of being noticed by creating strong messages and effective press materials. Keep hard copies of your press materials on-hand and post them on your Web site.

Target Your Local Press

Engage your local media. Talk about your role in driving biotechnology innovation in your area. If you are holding a press conference, make sure to send an advisory to your local newspaper and business media who may want to cover remotely. Offer to pen op-eds previewing your press conference announcements.

Think Globally

Provide international or regional story angles that help tell your story. If you head an international delegation, host a special event and invite media to meet your dignitary, public official or ambassador.

Request the Media List

An initial list of registered media expected to attend the Convention will be made available in April 2019. The list will be shared every two weeks until the first day of Convention. For more information and to be added to the distribution list, please contact Andrew Segerman.

Hold a Press Conference

Rooms will be available during the BIO International Convention for registered Convention attendees who wish to hold press conferences. BIO will provide seating for 30+ people, a podium including a microphone and sound system, an LCD projector, and a projection screen.  Please bring your own laptop for PowerPoint presentations. BIO will provide speaker phone capability in each press conference room.  Organizations holding press conferences will be responsible for providing call-in numbers for their event and for promoting call-in information to reporters who are covering it remotely. Press conferences will begin each hour, on the hour, and may last no longer than 45 minutes. Organizations may reserve only one 45 minute time slot. Applicants will receive notification of their assigned time and location in May 2019. Each organization approved for a press conference will be entirely responsible for promoting the event.

 Submit an application here.  

Create Word of Mouth Buzz

Make sure your organization’s attendees are aware of the press conference, and have copies of the advisory. Arm everyone with an elevator pitch and key messages for their networking.

Preview Your Press Conference

Place an op-ed with a target media outlet to run the morning of the press conference. Submit a related blog post in advance of the press conference to Andrew Segerman for possible inclusion on BIO’s blog, BIOtechNOW.

Help Reporters Cover the Event Remotely 

Talk to reporters who are remote about covering your press conference, interviewing experts and getting early copies of press materials.

Draw Media Attention to Your Booth

Make the most of your exhibit space or pavilion by inviting media to your booth for exclusive access to senior leadership or special events.  Create demonstrations of your company’s innovations or models that help to explain and simplify the science.
Mention the 2019 BIO International Convention in your company’s communications efforts.  Also, list your booth number on press materials so media can locate your booth in the BIO Exhibition.  Provide ample contact information while on-site and check your messages frequently leading up to and during the event.

Prepare a Media Kit

Post your press materials on your organization’s Web site and distribute through Business Wire. Any materials distributed through Business Wire and designated as a Convention release will automatically be uploaded to the Convention Website.


Submit a Story to the BIO Buzz Show Daily

We are no longer accepting submissions for the 2019 BIO Buzz Show Daily. 

Great news! We're partnering again with top editors to deliver the hottest breaking news at the BIO International Convention. This tabloid is distributed in high-traffic areas at the BIO International Convention and nearby major hotel lobbies Tuesday - Thursday. This is a daily "must read" for attendees, so you don't want to miss out.  All submitted requests will be subject to detailed review and evaluation for possible inclusion in the event publications. 

Submission Tips

To begin the submission process, please keep the following questions in mind:

  • Does your title clearly and concisely convey your topic? Is it snappy?
  • Will your lead-off paragraph capture the reader's attention?
  • Does your submission celebrate how an individual or company has "Made History"
  • Why is it important to the BIO Buzz Show Daily reader? And to the biotechnology industry as a whole?
  • Are there regional or international implications?
  • Have you provided supporting data? Interesting quotes?
  • What are its benefits/challenges and/or positive/negative consequences?
  • Does your editorial end with a provocative statement or thoughtful question?
  • Article word count should not exceed 600 words.

Contact Andrew Segerman if you have any questions.


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