June 8-11, 2020 | San Diego, CA

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International Delegations at BIO
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Each year the BIO International Convention convenes a diverse group of international delegations that bring tremendous depth and perspective to the world’s largest biotechnology event. Delegates of over 67 countries/regions participate to attract R&D investment, engage in collaborative partnerships, and establish recognition for their domestic markets as global leaders in the biotechnology industry. Every single country that has identified biotechnology as a strategic priority for growth and development has an official presence at the BIO International Convention.The Convention serves as the major venue for promoting regional and national strengths and opportunities in biotechnology.

Information for International Delegation Organizers:

- The delegation organizer team is composed of U.S.-based staff from the organization or agency organizing the delegation.
- You participate in monthly meetings to receive important updates about the programs being held at the BIO International Convention.
- The online list of international delegations with name and contact information of the official organizer is available so that those interested can get in contact with you. 
- If the entity organizing your delegation has a U.S. office, and you plan to work with contacts from that office, please ask your contact to join this group by writing to

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