June 4-7, 2018 | Boston, MA


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Talent Connect FAQs

BIO Talent Connect Attendee FAQs

Q: How does the BIO Talent Connect differ from the BIO Career Fair?

A: BIO has modernized its career event to create an open and efficient forum for life sciences professionals to engage with top-notch industry leaders and explore career development opportunities.  BIO Talent Connect, presented by BioSpace, will feature company roundtables where attendees can learn about the companies they are interested in, light refreshments and comfortable networking areas, and educational presentations.


Q: Is there a fee to attend the BIO Talent Connect? 

A: BIO Talent Connect is a FREE opportunity for convention-goers and local life sciences professionals.


Q: I can’t attend BIO Talent Connect, but I would like the opportunity to engage with sponsoring companies. Can I still submit my resume?

A: YES. If you are unable to attend the event but interested in life science career opportunities, you should still register as soon as possible. Sponsoring employers will be able to view your resume and contact you directly.


Q: I want to register online and submit my resume to Talent Connect sponsors, but my employer doesn’t know I am looking for a job. Will my current employer find out?

A: Sponsoring companies may access the registrant resume database, but you shouldn’t be too concerned because Talent Connect is a networking event, not a traditional cattle-call career fair. There’s so much more to BIO Talent Connect than just looking for a job.  It’s about exploring all the amazing opportunities the industry has to offer – but most importantly, it’s about building relationships.  The primary goal is to make quality connections with peers, colleagues, industry leaders and executives who can provide insight and perspective on your career development plan – no matter what stage you’re in.   


Q: I forgot to register online. Can I still attend the BIO Talent Connect?

A: Yes. You will be able to register onsite, but you’ll be required to upload your resume so be sure to have a digital copy updated and ready online. You may need to wait in line to register onsite, so we strongly suggest pre-registering online.


Q: What should I bring on the day of the BIO Talent Connect?

A: Just bring yourself!  As a registered BIO Talent Connect attendee, sponsoring companies can have access to your resume online.  However, if you’re an active job seeker and there’s an opportunity that you know you’re interested in, feel free to bring a few extra copies of your resume or a business card to leave behind as you mingle with peers, colleagues and sponsoring company representatives.  


Q: How should I prepare for the BIO Talent Connect?

A: Review the list of sponsors, view their company profiles and think about questions you’d like to ask.  This will help you maximize your time by focusing on the companies you want to hear from the most.  BIO Talent Connect is also a great place to catch up with former associates and colleagues.  End the busy convention week by making plans to reconnect at Talent Connect.


Q: What should I wear to the BIO Talent Connect?

A: We recommend business casual attire and, of a course, a smile!  Remember, first impressions are lasting so try your best to look professional while also being comfortable.


Q: I see that as part of my BIO Talent Connect registration I receive access “BIO Exhibition Access”. What does that include?

 A: With the BIO Exhibition registration badge you have access to 4-football fields of Exhibitions all day, Monday-Thursday June 19-22. We encourage you to attend Tuesday’s BIO Hospitality Receptions, 5:00 – 6:30 and the programming being offered in the BioProcess Theatre and Start Up Stadium. Additionally, with this badge type you can attend 15-minute company presentations by biotech and pharma companies, as well as a variety of other environmental biotechs, CROs/CMOs, Patient Advocacy Groups, universities, and more. 


Q: What is the address of the San Diego Convention Center?

A: The San Diego Convention Center is located at 111 W Harbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92101


Q: Where in the San Diego Convention Center will the BIO Talent Connect be held?

A: BIO Talent Connect will be in Ballroom 20.


Q: What time does BIO Talent Connect start and when should I arrive?

A: BIO Talent Connect starts at 2 pm PT on Thursday, June 22nd and ends at 6:30 pm.  You can check-in any time during the event hours, but we anticipate a great crowd so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to connect with as many people as you can.




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