June 15-18, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

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  1. Biofuels & Renewable Chemicals ForumThe 2014 Biofuels & Renewable Chemicals Forum will spotlight emerging trends, breakthroughs and challenges in the rapidly evolving industrial biotech sector. This year marks a watershed in industrial biotech commercialization, with a new wave of cellulosic and advanced biofuels facilities coming online, and new deals across the globe to develop and produce renewable chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, and biopolymers. The Forum will explore key policies and emerging geographies in this exciting space. 
  2. Emerging Opportunities in Global Markets Forum: This Specialty Forum will highlight biotech initiatives in global markets, looking at both emerging economies, and at other global initiatives and trends (trade agreements, IP trends) that affect the industry’s landscape. The Forum will overview developments in key markets, as well as cross-cutting policy trends. We’ll also examine unique collaborations and crossborder initiatives to further innovation..  
  3. Orphan Disease Forum: Drug development for rare and orphan diseases poses complex challenges to the biopharmaceutical industry, including unique issues around clinical trial recruitment; identification and validation of biomarkers; development of clinical endpoints; and collection of natural history data. These complexities make drug development in this space inherently risky; yet in recent years we have seen tremendous growth fueled by the entrance of large pharmaceutical companies, an increased number of partnerships across diverse stakeholders, and positive incentives for both the research and development and commercialization of orphan drug products. This growth promises to improve the health of patients with debilitating and life-threatening rare disorders. The Orphan Disease Forum will provide a unique perspective on the international orphan drug marketplace; new and emerging funding models; the vital role of patient advocacy organizations; and scientific and regulatory considerations for orphan drug development.
  4. Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics Forum: One of the most highly attended forums last year, the 2014 Personalized Medicine Forum will address the challenges facing the personalized medicine and diagnostic communities and how these communities are changing the landscape of modern healthcare. Hear from prominent scientists and business thought leaders from Ernst & Young, Roche, Foundation Medicine and more.
  5. Digital Health ForumThere is an innovation crossover in biotech, wireless and translational medicine. The rise of healthcare costs, our aging population and regulatory changes have set the foundation for the digital health sector to grow. The Digital Health Forum will explore the intersection of digital health, biotech and pharma. Join thought leaders, industry stakeholders and innovators, along with forum co-chairs Wainwright Fishburn, Partner, Cooley, LLP and Andrew Thompson, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Proteus Digital Health; Board Member, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance and Ryan Sysko, CEO, Welldoc, to learn about the latest developments in digital health and how this will impact the future of healthcare industry. Sessions will highlight digital health’s role in clinical trials, prescribable apps, new business models, big data and much more. Please make sure to visit the Digital Health Pavilion.
  6. R/Evolution of Agriculture Technologies Forum: Since humans developed the first tools, biological evolution and technological development have been intertwined, ultimately integrated in the field of biotechnology. Just as nature is under constant pressure to adapt and change, the same holds true for biotechnology and its developers. Historically, as technologies such as PCs, cell phones, or DNA sequencing evolve in capacity and speed, they become cheaper and more widely accessible, thereby impacting not only the trajectory of innovation through their diffusion, but also affecting technology providers and consumers who reach to adapt to a new reality. While this process of decentralization can create new obstacles, it also brings with it new opportunities for invention and progress. In this forum we will engage in a forward-looking dialogue focusing on new trends in biotechnology – its evolution and diffusion outside of traditional institutions; the transformative potential of disruptive technologies and products; up and coming visionaries in the field; and ethical questions that arise from the integration of nature and technology. 
  7. Translational Research Forum: The Translational Research Forum (TRF) explores new translational funding, collaboration and licensing models. The forum brings together a variety of stakeholders from universities, companies and accelerators in addition to federal, state and foreign governments to network and analyze the latest developments in technology transfer. In 2013, more than 150 organizations participated including Abbvie, Astellas, AstraZeneca, European Commission, Faster Cures, Johnson & Johnson, NIH, Sanofi, Stanford University, University of Virginia and others. 
  8. Regenerative Medicine Forum: New for 2014, the Regenerative Medicine Forum will delve into the ways stem cell science and regenerative medicine are impacting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries today as well as the reasons why the reimbursement community, and R&D managers and investors have started to watch the developments in this rapidly emerging field.
  9. Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics Forum: The Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics Forum will examine the latest developments in preventive and therapeutic vaccines, as well as national policies and financing mechanisms that affect global business opportunities in this field. The Forum includes panels on novel vaccines for cancers and neglected infectious diseases as well as new research using immunology techniques to develop treatments. Panelists include CEO’s and leaders of multi-national, biotechnology and emerging market vaccine developers and manufacturers as well as key partners, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission.


  1. Basic Research & Discovery Track will highlight scientific advancements in early stage biomedical research, prior to introduction to the clinic. 
  2. Business Development & Financing Track will focus on corporate deal making and operations, as well as fundraising for private and public companies. 
  3. Clinical Trials & Product Testing will look at efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the clinical trial enterprise, disruptive innovation and successful multi-stakeholder collaborations.
  4. Intellectual Property Track highlights current challenges in intellectual property protection for biotech innovations including pragmatic approaches to securing protection in light of the latest judicial and administrative developments. 
  5. International Market Briefings will feature substantive, informative and high level discussions on specific initiatives at the national or supra-national level to support biotechnology innovation.
  6. Manufacturing, Distribution, & Operations Trackwill focus on timely issues, pertinent challenges, and recent developments related to manufacturing and distribution of biopharmaceutical products. 
  7. Market Access & Commercialization Track will address emerging health policy issues and key developments impacting the market and reimbursement landscape for innovative biopharmaceutical therapies. Sessions will explore the commercial and operational impacts of state and federal policy developments on innovative biopharmaceuticals.
  8. Regulatory Review & Approval Track will spotlight regulatory and legal developments at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and across the globe that will affect biotech companies’ ability to research and develop biopharmaceuticals, successfully bring these products to market, and maintain approval and compliance.

Past Convention Program Topics & Speakers

The 2013 BIO International Convention program featured more than 125 sessions in 15 topic areas covering a wide variety of topics relevant to the biotechnology industry including healthcare, environmental issues, food and agriculture, and industrial applications.  View 2013 Session Descriptions 

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