June 15-18, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA


BIO One-on-One™ Partnering

Introducing BIO's Next-Generation Partnering System, Opening April 2015

One-on-One™ powered by BIO will dramatically increase your ROI at the BIO International Convention and across all BIO partnering events. The system will reduce your team’s overall business development costs and will increase your partnering effectiveness year-round. 

One-on-One™ Partnering Allows You To:

  • Globally search companies to source potential collaborations and funding opportunities
  • Communicate directly with prospective investors and senior management
  • Pre-schedule 30-minute private, one-on-one meetings to be conducted onsite

One-on-One™ System Enhancements:

  1. Message Center Efficiency: It’s easier and faster to use, with support for ‘tagging’ requests, cc’ing others and setting request priorities. Additionally, users will have the ability to send mass meeting requests, acceptances or declines.
  2. Calendar Enhancements: Export your meetings to Outlook to access your calendar easily.
  3. Improved Searching: Save and share your searches with your colleagues.
  4. Scheduling Integration: View your education programming alongside your partnering meetings, and easily add it to your event schedule.
  5. In-depth Profiles: Attach presentations, videos and other media to your profile.

How to Get Started:

  1. Register for "Convention Access and Partnering"
  2. Create and publish your company profile
  3. Indicate when you are available to meet with potential partners
  4. Send and accept meeting requests - see a list of 2014 attendees here (PDF)  
  5. BIO schedules your meetings for you!

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