June 19-22, 2017 | San Diego, CA

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#BIO2016: June 6-9, 2016 in San Francisco
Habib Dable, Bayer at the 2016 BIO International Convention
Laurance Stuntz, Massachusetts eHealth Institute at the 2016 BIO International Convention
Geoffrey Eich, Amgen at the 2016 BIO International Convention
Dr. Jake Reder, Celdara Medical at the 2016 BIO International Convention
Dr. Asha Das, Tocagen at the 2016 BIO International Convention
Lee Jones, Rebiotix at the 2016 BIO International Convention

Articles from BioTechNow

Take Action: Sarcoma Awareness Month

Publish Date: 7/18/2016, Created By: BIOtechNOW Editor

The pages on the calendar have quickly turned and July is again upon us.  For most, July means freedom from school, a summer vacation, or celebrating our nation’s independence.  But those of us in the sarcoma community know that this month means something else as well.  As we know, July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Why do we have a Sarcoma Awareness Month?  Simply, sarcoma is still considered to be the “forgotten cancer.”  Our efforts to encourage ...

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Bloomberg Caught Spreading Another Inaccurate “False Alarm” About Drug Prices

Publish Date: 6/29/2016, Created By: Jim Greenwood

I was deeply disturbed by Bloomberg’s inaccurate report this morning that attempted to examine drug costs. The article claims it “decodes [our industry’s]…pricing practices.” But, in reality, it does no such thing. It fails to take in the full picture of biopharmaceutical successes and failures; admits its “proof” is merely guesstimates from an organization that wasn’t involved in pricing decisions; and in some cases, it just plain gets the facts wrong. First, this article myopically ...

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Stop Demeaning the Healthy Dialogue Between Doctors and Drug Companies

Publish Date: 6/28/2016, Created By: Jim Greenwood

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal entitled, “Even Cheap Meals Influence Doctors’ Drug Prescriptions, Study Suggests,” attempts to suggest an untoward influence resulting from drug company-sponsored physician education events. After reading the full study, it is clear that the WSJ author not only misinterpreted the conclusions of the study, but completely discounts the role that companies have in educating physicians about their products. Contrary to the author’s point, communication between drug companies and ...

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PwC Report Finds Medicines Still Small Share of Overall Health Spending

Publish Date: 6/27/2016, Created By: Stacey Matusko

A new report from PwC’s Health Research Institute, Medical Cost Trend: Behind the Numbers 2017, offers evidence that medicines continue to represent a small portion of overall healthcare spending. The report highlighted that half of all medical costs come from hospital spending: 30 percent from hospital inpatient and 19 percent from hospital outpatient. Physicians account for another 30 percent, while prescription drugs account for 17 percent. With this breakdown comes the warning that it is ...

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Biotech Solutions for Zika

Publish Date: 6/9/2016, Created By: Daniel Seaton

The Zika virus epidemic continues to rage on. Just today, the WHO advised people in Zika affected countries (much of Latin America and the Caribbean) to consider delaying pregnancy, and emerging evidence suggests a broader range of possible complications for babies born to women infected with the virus than was first thought. Solutions are urgently needed, and biotechnology companies are hard at work to contribute. During a Wednesday at the 2016 BIO International Convention, attendees heard from ...

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Strategic Venture Investing by Large Pharma: Is “Smart Money” Right for Your Company

Publish Date: 6/9/2016, Created By: BIOtechNOW Editor

The strategic venture arms of major biopharma companies like AbbVie, Amgen, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer offer unique value propositions to early-stage companies and have the flexibility to shape unique deal structures for advancing these partnerships beyond traditional corporate venture capital models. Speakers at a 2016 BIO International Convention panel titled “Strategic Venture Investing by Large Pharma: Is ‘Smart Money’ Right for Your Company?” provided their about how these venture arms fuel innovation in the ...

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Yoshinori Ohsumi, Ph.D., Receives 2016 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research

Publish Date: 6/9/2016, Created By: BIOtechNOW Editor

Johnson & Johnson presented cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi, Ph.D., of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, with the 2016 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research for his discoveries in autophagy, spanning 27 years. Autophagy, a cell’s “self-eating” mechanism, is necessary for not only recycling nutrients, but for eliminating harmful proteins, organelles and even invasive bacteria. Dr. Ohsumi was honored today during a ceremony at the 2016 BIO International Convention in San Francisco. The award was named for Dr. Paul ...

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Nailed It! Rock Star Panel

Publish Date: 6/9/2016, Created By: BIOtechNOW Editor

Today’s “Nailed It! Rock Star Panel,” sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Innovation/JLABS, featured three company CEOs who have spent their careers as leaders and executives across the biopharmaceutical industry.  Each of the panelists spent time in both large pharma companies and emerging businesses before taking the leap and using their experience to lead a small or start-up company.  The panel focused on, essentially, how to be a CEO – the panelists shared tips on everything ...

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Curative Therapies: Aligning Policy with Science to Ensure Patient Access

Publish Date: 6/8/2016, Created By: BIOtechNOW Editor

New hepatitis C medications with exceptionally high cure rates have significantly improved treatment, while also posing a challenge for the healthcare system because the cost of the medications are higher in the short run than other medications. As more curative therapies for different conditions come to market, the healthcare system will need to manage the concentration of upfront expenses in a sustainable manner. A Super Session panel at the 2016 BIO International Convention examined this ...

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Facts Not Fiction: Digital Delivers Results for Biotech Companies

Publish Date: 6/8/2016, Created By: Jessica Torres

A panel of experts in the digital advertising space assembled Wednesday at the 2016 BIO International Convention to discuss how biotech companies can utilize digital advertising in their overall marketing strategies. The session was moderated by Julie Papanek, (Principal, Canaan Partners), and the panelists were: Craig Hashi, Ph.D. (Health, Facebook), Matthew Howes (Executive Vice President, Strategy & Growth, PALIO, an inVentiv Health company), Will Springgate (Director, Life Sciences Allscripts), and Wister Walcott (Co-Founder; Lead Consultant, Marin Software; Proxita). The ...

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