June 6-9, 2016 | San Francisco, CA


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BIO 2015 Conversations

Exhibitor Newsletter List

Thank you for exhibiting at the 2015 BIO International Convention! Below you will find important information for exhibitors including: latest announcements, exhibitor booth partnering, deadlines, promotional opportunities, general information and other information about preparing to exhibit at #BIO2015. If at any time you have a question please don’t hesitate to email us at See you in Philadelphia!

BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: June & Onsite
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering: Labeling Your Meeting Points
  • EBP Check-In vs EAC Check-In
  • Exciting New Areas in the Exhibition
  • How to Submit an Event for the BIO Party List
  • Exhibitor Hospitality Reception Artist Registration
  • Exhibitor Concierge
  • 2016 Exhibit Sales Office & Lounge
  • Housing
  • Affiliated Events
  • Item Donations Program
  • Onsite Deliveries and Personal Operated Vehicles
  • International Programming and Events
  • Security and Children on the Exhibition Floor
  • Exhibitor Schedule
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: May
  • International/Domestic Shipping
  • BIO Partnering Videos and Tutorials
  • Meeting Points
  • Upgrade Your Registration
  • Promote Your Exhibition Events
  • How to Submit an Event to the BIO Party List
  • BIO Career Fair
  • Optimizing Your Exhibitor Presence
  • Freeman and Vendor Deadlines – How It Will Affect Your Costs and Experience
  • BIO Housing Benefits/Reserve Hotel Space before Deadline!
  • Looking for New Business?
  • Promote Your Participation at BIO
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: April
  • BIO One-on-One Partnering™
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Registration: Pre-Convention
  • BIO Exhibition Targeted Floor Plan Reminder
  • Exhibitor Dashboard Event Submissions and Deadlines for Proper Marketing
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Group Housing Deadlines – Book Now!
  • Housing Information
  • Affiliated Event Information
  • New Attendee and Exhibitor FAQs 
  • Programming Open to Exhibitors
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: March
  • Introducing BIO’s Next Generation Partnering System
  • Best Practices for Exhibitor Booth Partnering
  • Exhibitor Registration to Open in March
  • BIO Convention Schedule
  • Evening Events for Exhibitors
  • A Message for Pavilion Organizers
  • Optimizing Your Exhibitor Presence
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: February
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • Exhibitor Hospitality Receptions move to Wednesday
  • BIO Housing: Four Seasons Hotel
  • Exhibitor Dashboard & Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Register Your Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
  • BIO International Convention Volunteer Program
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: January
  • RSVP for the Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • Look Out for the 2015 Exhibitor Service Kit
    • New Exhibitor Booth Partnering Section
    • Targeted Floor Plan
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering
  • Exhibitor Dashboard: What’s New?
    • Exhibitor Service Kit
    • Exhibitor Hospitality Reception & In-Booth Event Forms
  • Final Exhibit Space Payment Due
  • Exhibitor Schedule
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: December
  • 2015 Exhibition Schedule
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour - February 2015
  • The Adventures of Hall F
  • Visibility at the BIO International Convention
  • Display Approvals Begin in January 2015
  • Looking for New Business?
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: November
  • It Pays to Book BIO Housing Early!
  • New Exhibit Space Available
  • New Branding Opportunities
  • BIO 2015 Program Planning has Begun!
  • Exhibit Booth Payment Schedule
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