June 15-18, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

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Thank you for exhibiting at the 2014 BIO International Convention! Below you will find important information only for exhibitors including: latest announcements, exhibitor booth partnering, deadlines, promotional opportunities, general information and any other pertinent information to you about exhibiting at the 2014 BIO International Convention. If at any time, you have a question, please don’t hesitate to email us at See you in San Diego!

Exhibitor Newsletter: June 2014, Onsite
  • Check-in Locations for Move-in
  • Meet Your Floor Managers
  • Exhibitor Lounge & 2015 Exhibit Sales Office
  • New Areas in the BIO Exhibition
  • Sessions & Events Accessible to Exhibitors
  • Need-to-Know Information
Exhibitor Newsletter: May 2014
  • Register Your Exhibit Booth Personnel
  • Primary Product Category Listing in the Onsite Guide
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering in the BIO Exhibition
  • BIO Exhibition Schedule and Targeted Floor Plan Reminder
  • Coordinate Your International or Domestic Shipping
  • Exposure: In-Booth Events and Power Hours
  • Check Out Our Pre-Convention Connections Package
  • Need-to-Know Information
Exhibitor Newsletter: April 2014, Second Issue
  • Product Categories and Sharees
  • Choose a Catering Package
  • BIO Housing and Hosting an Affiliated Event
  • Experience BIO Educational Programming
Exhibitor Newsletter: April 2014, First Issue
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering in the BIO Exhibition
  • Exhibitor Registration is Open
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Guidelines and Registration
  • Exhibitor Dashboard Event Submissions
  • Add an event to the BIO Party List
  • Volunteer at the BIO International Convention
  • BIO Career Fair Opportunities
Exhibitor Newsletter: March 2014
  • New BIO Exhibition Schedule
  • A Message for Pavilion Organizers
  • Optimizing Your Exhibitor Presence
  • BIO Exhibition Targeted Floor Plan
  • The 2014 Exhibitor Service Kit is Available
  • Start Submitting Your Display Approvals Now 
Exhibitor Newsletter: December 2013
  • SAVE THE DATE: Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering FAQs
  • Exhibit Space is Selling Fast!
  • New Branding Opportunities
  • Look Out for the 2014 Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Start Submitting Your Display Approvals in January
  • Need to Know Information
    • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines
    • Book BIO Housing
    • Exhibitors Beware!
Exhibitor Newsletter: November 2013
  • Exhibitor Benefits & Exhibitor Booth Partnering
  • Exhibitor & Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • New Registration Rates
  • BIO Housing Open
  • Need to Know Information
    • Exhibit Sales Prospectus
    • New Event Schedule in San Diego
    • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines
    • Exhibitor Rules & Regulations and Display Guidelines
Exhibitor Newsletter: October 2013
  • New Exhibition Schedule for 2014
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering: Growth & Gain at BIO 2013
  • Call for Sessions Closes October 9
  • BIO Housing: Plan your experience
  • Exhibitor Dashboard: What's new?
  • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines 
Exhibitor Newsletter: April 2013

BIO Exhibitor Newsletter: April (On Site) Edition

  • Move-In
  • Meet Your Floor Managers
  • Exhibition Schedule
  • Move-Out
  • Activities On & Off the Floor
  • Need to Know Information
Exhibitor Newsletter: February 2013

BIO Exhibitor Newsletter: February Edition

  • Important Dates
  • Targeted Floor Plan and Labor Orders 
  • Submit Your Display Approvals
  • Exhibition Events
  • Increase Your Branding and Boost Your ROI
  • Need to Know Information
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