June 15-18, 2015 | Philadelphia, PA

BIO Exhibition 

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Thank you for exhibiting at the 2015 BIO International Convention! Below you will find important information for exhibitors including: latest announcements, exhibitor booth partnering, deadlines, promotional opportunities, general information and other information about preparing to exhibit at #BIO2015. If at any time you have a question please don’t hesitate to email us at See you in Philadelphia!

BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: December
  • 2015 Exhibition Schedule
  • Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour - February 2015
  • The Adventures of Hall F
  • Visibility at the BIO International Convention
  • Display Approvals Begin in January 2015
  • Looking for New Business?
BIO 2015 Exhibitor Newsletter: November
  • It Pays to Book BIO Housing Early!
  • New Exhibit Space Available
  • New Branding Opportunities
  • BIO 2015 Program Planning has Begun!
  • Exhibit Booth Payment Schedule
Exhibitor Newsletter: June 2014, Onsite
  • Check-in Locations for Move-in
  • Meet Your Floor Managers
  • Exhibitor Lounge & 2015 Exhibit Sales Office
  • New Areas in the BIO Exhibition
  • Sessions & Events Accessible to Exhibitors
  • Need-to-Know Information
Exhibitor Newsletter: May 2014
  • Register Your Exhibit Booth Personnel
  • Primary Product Category Listing in the Onsite Guide
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering in the BIO Exhibition
  • BIO Exhibition Schedule and Targeted Floor Plan Reminder
  • Coordinate Your International or Domestic Shipping
  • Exposure: In-Booth Events and Power Hours
  • Check Out Our Pre-Convention Connections Package
  • Need-to-Know Information
Exhibitor Newsletter: April 2014, Second Issue
  • Product Categories and Sharees
  • Choose a Catering Package
  • BIO Housing and Hosting an Affiliated Event
  • Experience BIO Educational Programming
Exhibitor Newsletter: April 2014, First Issue
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering in the BIO Exhibition
  • Exhibitor Registration is Open
  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Guidelines and Registration
  • Exhibitor Dashboard Event Submissions
  • Add an event to the BIO Party List
  • Volunteer at the BIO International Convention
  • BIO Career Fair Opportunities
Exhibitor Newsletter: March 2014
  • New BIO Exhibition Schedule
  • A Message for Pavilion Organizers
  • Optimizing Your Exhibitor Presence
  • BIO Exhibition Targeted Floor Plan
  • The 2014 Exhibitor Service Kit is Available
  • Start Submitting Your Display Approvals Now 
Exhibitor Newsletter: December 2013
  • SAVE THE DATE: Exhibitor and Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering FAQs
  • Exhibit Space is Selling Fast!
  • New Branding Opportunities
  • Look Out for the 2014 Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Start Submitting Your Display Approvals in January
  • Need to Know Information
    • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines
    • Book BIO Housing
    • Exhibitors Beware!
Exhibitor Newsletter: November 2013
  • Exhibitor Benefits & Exhibitor Booth Partnering
  • Exhibitor & Sponsor Workshop & Tour
  • New Registration Rates
  • BIO Housing Open
  • Need to Know Information
    • Exhibit Sales Prospectus
    • New Event Schedule in San Diego
    • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines
    • Exhibitor Rules & Regulations and Display Guidelines
Exhibitor Newsletter: October 2013
  • New Exhibition Schedule for 2014
  • Exhibitor Booth Partnering: Growth & Gain at BIO 2013
  • Call for Sessions Closes October 9
  • BIO Housing: Plan your experience
  • Exhibitor Dashboard: What's new?
  • Exhibit Booth Payment Deadlines 
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