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Arcturus Therapeutics,Inc.

Arcturus' RNA therapeutics platform (UNA Oligomer chemistry and LUNAR™ nanoparticle delivery) is being applied toward all types of RNA medicines including siRNA, mRNA, antisense RNA, microRNA & gene editing therapeutics. Arcturus stands to collect ~$2B in potential milestone payments from BD deals.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Innovative LUNAR-enabled delivery of RNA medicines to liver stellate cells and lung epithelial cells
2. Highly efficient mRNA manufacturing delivery technologies pioneering in stellate cells
3. UNA-assisted Allele selective gene editing differentiates Arcturus

arGentis Pharmaceuticals

arGentis™, a private US based pharmaceutical company in the Memphis, TN metro area with a mid-stage Orphan Drug treatment (ARG201) for late stage diffuse systemic scleroderma (dcSSc) along with a single nucleotide polymorphism, labeled ROT1, which identifies patients that will respond to ARG201. ROT1, enables personalized, precision medicine for dcSSc, a factor that enhances patient reimbursement and reduces research related costs. ARG201 has completed Phase I and Phase IIa US clinical trials that indicated that late-stage patients respond to oral ARG201 with a very good safety profile. With no other treatments for the disease, ARG201 is projected to have an estimated annual market size of $1 Billion plus in the US and EU. Upon successful completion of the next clinical trial ARG201 will be attractive to pharmaceutical companies and an excellent candidate for an IPO.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. CEO and VP are working without pay to bring this treatment to systemic scleroderma patients
2. Unique new treatment of late stage systemic scleroderma, not a drug "off the shelve"
3. Researchers developed a SNP genotype test to make this precision, personalized therapy

Bonti Inc

Bonti is a rapidly emerging biotechnology enterprise founded by world class neurotoxin experts with proven success at one of the Fortune 500 fastest growing pharma companies. Our focus is on developing novel treatment paradigms driven by our unique neurotoxin platform. We are targeting both aesthetic and therapeutic indications with strong unmet needs not currently addressed by existing marketed products

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Unique team with the best-in-class expertise
2. Solid approach addressing unmet market need
3. Significant value inflection in R&D is expected by the time of BIO

ConcentRx Inc

Emerging biopharma company developing first in class, intravenous Immune cell delivery of an oncolytic virus targeted to solid tumors. Our integrated biology developed at Stanford University is unique in this space.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Developing first in class, Immune cell delivery of an oncolytic virus targeted to solid tumors
2. Not Car-T, No CRS seen
3. Integrated biology developed at Stanford University is unique in this space.

Enable Injections

Enable Injections develops the smallest, most patient-friendly large volume wearable injector (LVWI). The only LVWI capable of delivering large volumes up to 50 ml subcutaneously, the new synergistic delivery technology enables biologics to fulfill their therapeutic, commercial potential. Easy, convenient for patients to self-treat at home.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. For patients: Based on painless injection technology, removes treatment stress, easy at-home use
2. For biotechs: Uses original container closure (saves time+$), life-cycle management, differentiation
3. Saves health system significant costs-remove treatments from hospital, improve patient adherence

Fortress Biotech, Inc.

Fortress is dedicated to developing and commercializing therapies internally and through Fortress Company subsidiaries. Our unique structure enables us to rapidly advance new and improved candidates, providing multiple shots on goal, minimizing risk and creating several sources of shareholder value.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Diverse portfolio of 9 Fortress Companies and 8 preclinical, 15 clinical and 4 marketed drugs.
2. Novel business model enables internal synergies, and cost and time savings not typical in biopharma.
3. Multiple 2017 clinical milestones expected in areas including cancer, rare disease and acute pain.

Frequency Therapeutics

Frequency Therapeutics develops small molecule drugs that activate progenitor cells within the body to restore healthy tissue. Through the transitory activation of these progenitor cells, Frequency enables disease modification without the complexity of genetic engineering. Our lead program re-creates sensory cells in the inner ear to treat chronic noise induced hearing loss, which affects over 30 million people in the U.S. alone. Our platform technology is founded on discoveries in progenitor cell biology by Bob Langer, Sc.D. at MIT and Jeff Karp, Ph.D., at Harvard. Our initial focus is on chronic hearing loss, a potential $20 billion market with no effective therapeutic solution. Our breakthrough therapy uses a proprietary combination of small-molecule drugs to cause dormant inner ear progenitor cells to multiply and create new hair cells. Frequency is actively engaged in developing additional products through strategic alliances and internal development, such as eye and skin disorders, gastrointestinal diseases and diabetes.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Cutting edge approach to regenerative medicine using small molecules
2. Addressing hearing loss which is a huge clinical unmet need
3. Progenitor cell activation platform applicable to several disease areas

Genelux Corporation

Genelux Corporation(San Diego) is a clinical-stage company, with the most promising integrated oncolytic immunotherapeutic platform in the field. Our virotherapy can be administered consistent with physician preference, has an excellent safety profile and is effective against a wide-range of tumors.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Genelux has the potential best-in-class oncolytic immunotherapy platform
2. Platform technology can treat almost all cancers,incl. clinical evidence in recurrent ovarian cancer
3. Strategic collaboration with TVAX, combining T cell therapy and oncolytic virus (V2ACT technology)

Innovate Biopharma

Innovate is focused on developing novel gastroenterology medicines. Pipeline includes drug candidates for Celiac Disease, an unmet need, an adult orphan indication, and ulcerative colitis. Innovate has all global rights to the products which are backed by more than 150 patents worldwide.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Phase 3 celiac disease treatment will be first therapy to market
2. Larazotide acetate, a tight junction regulator, holds potential applications to many diseases
3. Company is planning a reverse merger with a NASDAQ company

Intrexon Corporation

Intrexon is using biology to make the world a better place. By applying engineering principles to biology Intrexon develops consumer friendly products in the health, food, energy, consumer and environmental sectors. Utilizing our advanced technologies, we work with researchers, developers and marketers to design, create or modify molecules, cells, organisms and processes to solve important problems in the living world.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Intrexon helps forge a sustainable path forward for current and future generations
2. Creating healthy products consumers love like the Arctic® apple
3. Applications in health, food, energy, environment, consumer

KPI Therapeutics

KPI Therapeutics is developing a first in class Kv1.3 inhibitor for inclusion-body myositis, an orphan disease with significant unmet medical need. Dalazatide will enter Phase 2 in 2017 with the potential to address debilitating autoimmune diseases while not broadly suppressing their immune system.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. KPI's novel Kv1.3 drugs have the potential to significantly disrupt the autoimmune market.
2. KPI’s dalazatide is entering Phase 2 this year in an orphan indication, inclusion-body myositis.
3. KPI’s lean organization is led by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry and scientific veterans.

Neovia Oncology

Last decade $1 trillion spent by Phrma. result? ~ 2.1 months longer life. Why? Drug resistance is issue. Cancer cells mutate. Only one US company has taken up the challenge driven by two passionate entrepreneurs. The result is cure rates without side effects and immune response.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Cancer cure data
2. Successful pharma entrepreneurs (12 FDA approvals between them)
3. $12 billion annual market

NuvOx Pharma

NuvOx Pharma is developing a platform of oxygen therapeutics to treat life-threatening diseases where hypoxia plays a role. Upon intravenous administration, the drug product travels through the bloodstream arriving first at the lungs to pick up oxygen and finally to hypoxic tissue where it passively delivers the oxygen. The company has filed an IND for a Phase II clinical trial in oncology, is in a Phase Ib/II trial for stroke, and has an IND allowed for a Phase Ib trial in sickle cell disease.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. This oxygen therapeutic is a life-saving product with multiple indications in oncology, stroke, sickle cell disease, hemorrhagic shock, traumatic brain injury, and heart attack.
2. The product has an excellent safety profile in humans – compared to other oxygen therapeutics, our product is active at < 1/200th the dose, which allows for safe multi-dose administration.
3. NuvOx has an experienced management team with a proven track record of 15 FDA approved drugs and multiple successful companies.

PharmaCyte Biotech

PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. (OTCQB:PMCB), a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing targeted treatments for cancer and diabetes using its signature live-cell encapsulation technology, Cell-in-a-Box®, today announced that it has filed a provisional patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to protect its therapy to treat cancerous tumors, including the therapy that will be used in its upcoming clinical trial in locally advanced pancreas cancer (LAPC).

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. a new kind of Chemo without side effects
2. a new treatment for Pancreatic Cancer
3. a chance to give a person that is dying a better quality of life and a chance to live

Prolynx LLC

Prolynx has developed a technology for the half-life extension of proteins, peptides and small molecules. Here the drug is attached to PEG or microsphere via self-cleaving chemical linkers. 3 products in our pipeline using this technology: PLX038 for cancer in Ph I, PLX039 and PLX040 in preclin

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Novel technology that is a paradigm shift for delivery of peptides
2. have 3 innovative products with blockbuster potential
3. Strong management/advisory team with years of pharmaceutical/biotechnology experience


Pulmokine is developing an inhaled PDGFR inhibitor drug addressing the root cause of pulmonary hypertension, an orphan disease that has high mortality and unmet need and a $4B market. Current therapies are all vasodilators and don’t adequately address the underlying cause of the disease.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Pioneering new mechanism for this disease to target and stop proliferating cells, the cause of PAH.
2. Development of an inhaled drug with very low toxicity for use in combination with existing drugs
3. Raised over $7M in multiple competitive NIH grants, validating novel approach and critical need.

QuarryBio, LLC

QuarryBio, LLC, has developed a high resolution analytical technology that enables our clients to improve lead and candidate selection for biologics. Our focus is bringing the power of high resolution analyses to the earliest stages of biologic drug discovery and development.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Our technology brings high resolution data to screening studies for lead and candidate selection
2. Our costs ~75% lower than similar options, requiring 1-3 weeks and using less than 1 mg of sample
3. Our technology provides to access high resolution data in a way previously unattainable

Resverlogix Corp.

Resverlogix is developing an advanced epigenetic drug called Apabetalone for the treatment of high-risk cardiovascular disease patients who also have type 2 diabetes mellitus. Currently half way through a Phase 3 clinical trial, Apabetalone has successfully passed 4 Data Monitor Safety Board reviews.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. The only company with an epigenetic drug in a phase 3 clinical trial for CVD/diabetes patients.
2. The most advanced epigenetics company for CVD and diabetes patients with an 8 year lead on the market.
3. Pioneers of epigenetic disruptive technologies addressing many diseases via its unique mechanism of action.

T3D Therapeutics, Inc.

T3D Therapeutics is developing its lead drug product candidate T3D-959 as a potential ‘First in Class’ disease-modifying medicine for Alzheimer's and orphan neurodegenerative diseases. The Company’s novel approach is to target dysfunctional glucose and lipid metabolism inherent in neurodegeneration

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Novel approach targeting Alzheimer's as a metabolic disease.
2. Multiple efficacy signals in patients; Phase 2a ; cognitive improvement and brain metabolism changes
3. Potential paradigm shift in treating Alzheimer's disease

TissueGene, Inc.

TissueGene is a regenerative medicine company using cell and gene therapy to develop novel therapeutics. Invossa™, a genetically-modified, allogeneic, injectable cell therapy will soon be entering Phase III. Invossa™ would be the first disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug for knee osteoarthritis.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Invossa™ will be a game-changer in the osteoarthritis space
2. Invossa™ is the world's first cell and gene therapy for osteoarthritis
3. One injection has demonstrated compelling efficacy results for up to 24 months for pain and function

Actinobac Biomed

Actinobac has identified a breakthrough biologic that can be used to treat all white blood cell diseases. Leukothera® is a natural bacterial protein that rapidly and specifically targets and depletes cancerous and pro-inflammatory white blood cells without affecting other cells or tissues.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Leukothera is the first drug of its kind and is completely natural.
2. No side effects have been observed in any animals treated with Leukothera
3. Leukothera has the potential to cure blood cancers and autoimmune diseases

Catalent Biologics

Catalent Biologics is the biologics business unit of Catalent. We are a technology led CDMO with the leading purpose built, single use, multiproduct contract facility in the US today.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. First to build a 100% purpose built, single use, multiproduct, facility in the US (on line 2013)
2. CDMO leading in the investment of innovative tech. that improve therapeutic protein performance
3. CDMO leading in support of biosimilar development with 6 commercial MABs

Cocoon Biotech Inc.

Cocoon is a therapeutics company leveraging silk fibroin as a novel material for drug delivery with an initial application in osteoarthritis. Our lead product is an intra-articular injection of silk gel loaded with a small molecule drug which provides extended relief of joint pain and inflammation.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Passionate, complementary, and experienced team with expertise in therapeutic drug development
2. Silk's drug delivery platform potential enables partnerships in multiple therapeutic areas
3. Unique capital efficient organization with a focus on creating an other-orientated culture

Escend Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Escend develops small molecule therapeutics for oncology orphan drug indications. Our lead program, ES-3000, is a phase II ready, orally bioavailable small molecule targeting leukemia stem cells (LSCs) for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Reduced drug development risk; foreign approved drug with established clinical safety
2. Orphan drug designation granted by the FDA for the lead program for treatment of CML and AML
3. Leveraging on previous US clinical trial data through current collaboration


GenEdit is a next-generation genome editing company, and an early-stage spinout of a UC Berkeley research lab. We are developing novel engineering and delivery approaches to build a technology platform that better enables CRISPR-Cas9 for gene therapies.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Innovative technology for CRISPR/Cas9 engineering and Delivery
2. R&D intensive company with multiple patents/ perfect platform provider
3. Great scientific team suitable for strategic partnerships


Active targeting with potent payload: Genisphere makes the only commercially available, core-monomer, two-layer, synthetic-DNA scaffold, measuring 60 nanometers diameter and capable of delivering a payload and target in a single therapeutic featuring increased efficacy and decreased toxicity.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. MedImmune partnership 3rd-party review, evaluation and validation
2. Demonstrated in vivo flexibility with all modalities and stages of development
3. Unique material in proprietary structure using proprietary methods and 3-layer IP protection

Jecure Therapeutics

Jecure Therapeutics is a exciting first-in-class drug discovery company focused in the areas of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and liver fibrosis.  Jecure's academic founder is Dr. Ariel Feldstein, Division Chief of Gastroenterology at UCSD and a leading physician-scientist in hepatology.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Jecure has raised $20 million in Series A financing from top tier VC, Versant Ventures.
2. Proven management team from single cell genomics company Quanticel, acquired by Celgene in 2015
3. Sizzling hot marriage between academic innovation and accomplished industry talent

M3 Biotechnology, Inc.

M3 Biotechnology is a pharmaceutical company with a primary focus on Alzheimer’s Disease progression and neuro-deterioration. While current therapies primarily address the symptoms, M3 is developing disease-modifying treatments with the potential to restore lost connections between brain cells.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Breakthrough disease modifying therapies addressing Alzheimer's
2. Targeting a huge unmet medical need (Alzheimer's) with no existing solution
3. Exciting stage of our lead compound with a target date for our clinical trials to start Q3 2017

Minerva Biotechnologies

Minerva Biotechnologies has discovered the process by which stem cells replicate and found that the same processes also regulate cancer growth. Minerva has elucidated the molecular mechanism that controls the process and can turn off cancer cell growth or target these cells with a CAR T approach.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Lead CAR T approach for solid tumors - targeting head can discern cancerous and healthy tissue
2. Growth factor receptor is ubiquitous in many cancers - >80% breast, ovarian, pancreatic, lung
3. Regenerative medicine - stem cells grow in naive state (like an early embryo) for better therapeutic

Nanopareil LLC

Nanopareil, LLC produces ultra-high capacity single-use nanofiber membranes and 3D nanofiber scaffolds for the biopharmaceutical and biomedical industries. The company’s patented nanotechnology and specialty treatments provide outstanding purification capabilities and transformative 3D tissue engineering scaffolds. Nanopareil’s ultra-high capacity, high flow membranes are changing bioseparations, enabling single-use processing, which reduces the risk of contamination, decreasing GMP deviations and significantly lowering the cost of purification of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. Nanopareil’s 3D scaffolds with interconnected and hierarchy structured pore morphology, uniquely replicate the extracellular matrix of many tissues. This highly advanced patent-pending combination leads to highly efficient cell functions and tissue formation, increasing cell penetration and rapid proliferation with minimal addition of growth factors.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Tomorrow’s nanotechnology today: Ultra-high performance single-use biopharma purifications.
2. High performance 3D nanofiber scaffolds that replicate the extracellular matrix of many tissues.
3. Ready to license single-use purification technology that outperforms commercial technologies.

Nimbus Therapeutics

Nimbus is applying deep computational chemistry expertise throughout the drug discovery and development process to create novel small molecules for substantial and underserved human diseases in metabolism, oncology and immunology.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Created the first medicine completely designed in silico, brought into humans last year.
2. Gilead then acquired that medicine, developed for NASH, for $1.2b and is completing Ph2 this year.
3. Nimbus has a full pipeline of novel immunology targets, the most advanced is Tyk2.

Nodexus Inc

Nodexus is a Venture and SBIR-backed company commercializing the NX-One platform to deliver single cells from biological samples. Pioneering discoveries in gene editing (e.g. CRISPR) and drug development have sparked a critical need for accessible single cell isolation, which the NX-One addresses.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Award-winning technology vetted by Federal/Industry Partnerships and Strategic Partners
2. Breaking the core facility model for academic, industrial/biopharma, and clinical research customers
3. Key enabling tool for cutting-edge workflows in gene editing (e.g. CRISPR) and more


Ohmx is developing an electrochemical diagnostic system to bring accurate testing to the point of care (POC). Fast, sensitive detection is needed at the POC to diagnose diseases and manage chronic conditions. This simple automated system can provide central lab-quality results near patients.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Simple to use design can make testing easy where performance is critical: cartridge in, answer out
2. Electrochemical measurement leads to clear quantitative results
3. Can measure low concentrations similar to central lab instruments (e.g. LOD 0.8ng/L for troponin I)

Recensa Therapeutics, Inc.

Recensa Therapeutics, Inc. is developing topical therapies for psoriasis that target oxidative stress. Our Nrf2 activators can be first-to-market with this new MOA and can become the preferred therapy for the 90% of psoriasis patients with mild-to-moderate disease due to high efficacy and low AEs.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Nrf2 activation can be a platform technology targeting multiple diseases
2. Named a top university startup by NCET2
3. Lean three-year plan to IND and liquidity event

V ClinBio LLC

V ClinBio (VCB) is an early-stage company seeking partners for developing a novel prodrug, conjugate of monomethyl fumarate (MMF) with eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), designed to release actives MMF and EPA. MMF-EPA is covered by US patent (US9102649B1) and potential 505(b)(2) development opportunity.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Cost- and time-efficient partnership and commercialization opportunity
2. Innovative company with multiple products in pipeline
3. High potential scientific team with long-term goal of developing innovative therapeutics

Vaxess Technologies

Vaxess is developing products on the MIMIX sustained-dermal delivery platform that enhances efficacy by "mimicking" a natural infection. Pipeline targets are aimed at a range of diseases including prostate cancer, HIV, and Herpes. The company has raised ~$13M from equity and non-dilutive sources.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Strong pipeline - targets include prostate cancer, HIV, HSV, Polio, and Measles.
2. Novel science - concept of "infection mimicry" is rapidly emerging as new means of boosting efficacy
3. Impact - with both VC and Gates Foundation funding, company is developing truly impactful products

Versatope Therapeutics

Versatope is a preclinical-stage company solving problems in vaccine potency and therapeutic delivery using a “bacterial factory” particle technology that is non-toxic, economical to make and easy to purify. These particles have versatility to display vaccines, antibodies, receptors, or enzymes.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. New biotech company in need of partners and investors
2. Platform technology that could revolutionize biotechnology
3. Multiple-therapeutic areas could be addressed in a rapid response manner


ViRAZE discovers and develops first-in-class small molecules to treat virus-induced dermatology diseases. Our lead program, which is funded by a $3 million NIH grant, is to develop the very first approved drug to treat Molluscum contagiosum. Estimated US sales for the product are $400 million.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Unique and characterized anti-viral mechanism of action
2. No existing approved drugs to treat MC - high unmet need
3. Will have patented first-in-class small molecule drug compounds


Virvio is a pre-clinical biotherapeutic discovery company and world leader in computationally designed protein scaffolds called "mini-binders". Our platform generates mini-binder antibody-like affinity and specificity yet possessing the hyper-stability and manufacturability of small-molecule drugs.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. next-generation technology
2. flexible drug discovery platform
3. world-class team

ZOETIC Pharmaceuticals

ZOETIC is an early stage company advancing proprietary phospholipid based nanoparticle platform technology that has been shown to reduce the immunogenicity of bio-therapeutics, has the potential to treat autoimmune diseases, and could potentially improve the success of AAV mediated gene therapy.

3 reasons to vote for us:

1. Only immune tolerance technology with a patient friendly oral route of administration.
2. Only immune tolerance technology demonstrating complete prevention of unwanted immune responses.
3. Only immune technology comprised of natural components generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by FDA.
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